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April 26, 2000
Breaking Out of the Rut

After spending several days with so little to do that I was about to go insane things changed. Yesterday was the twenty-first birthday of three of my sorority sisters Ė Emmy, Lelaine, and Irene. For some reason April 25 is a popular day to have babies because yesterday was Meghanís birthday too. I wonder how I know so many people who have this same birthday. Anyway, I went to Calico Jackís with Stuart last night at 8 PM to celebrate with Emmy and a crowd of her friends. Since Stu and I had two homework assignments due today we didnít stay that long. I got back to the house after working on our homework at his apartment for awhile and I expected the rest of the evening to be quiet. I was wrong.

The astrodynamics assignment was pretty long so I was still working on that until about 1 AM. As I was channel surfing, trying to find something to watch while taking the Laplace transform of a matrix equation the door to my room opens. Lelaine had gone out for her birthday with her friends at 7:30 PM and now she was coming home in a sad state. Two guys practically carried her into the room, but she immediately left and ran to the bathroom and threw up. Jen explained that she had been doing this a lot. Yuck. The guys tried to use my garbage can for her to throw up in and then they got made at me when I wouldnít let them. Lelaine has her own garbage can, thank you, and I did not want mine to smell like puke! Is that so selfish? Anyway, I gathered up my books and went to finish my homework in the dining room. I was very worried about Lelaine because there has been a recent death of a fraternity member on campus due to alcohol poisoning. When Jen and the guys left I went to check on her and she looked really bad passed out on the bed. I wasnít up for very much longer after that and when I went to bed she had moved so I was convinced that she wasnít going to die. What a relief.

Before I went to bed, however, there was another exciting incident. Well, maybe it wasnít so exciting, but it was certainly out of the ordinary. Right before I go to bed I brush my teeth so I was in the back hall bathroom doing that when I heard someone call my name. It was 2 AM and the voice was Emmyís. Apparently she and one of her little sisters, Julie, had been abandoned at Fat Tuesdayís (a bar downtown) and they had walked all the way back to the house in the middle of the night? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? At least the got here safely, but they were looking for a ride home. I was brushing my teeth in my pajamas and I was so ready to go to sleep, but I was the only one who was available to take them home so I put on my glasses and took on the responsibility. I guess my Good Samaritan duty didnít go completely unnoticed because I got back my parking space on sorority row when I got back. I was worried about having to walk a long way from my car to the house at that time of night, but everything worked our just right. I finally went to bed (after making sure Lelaine was still OK).

Today was the last day of classes for the semester and I canít say Iím not happy about that. In class this morning Dr. Fitz-Coy announced that we have to have class tomorrow to talk about the final exam. I guess that means that my classes arenít over yet, but itís close enough for me. When I came home for lunch Lelaine was getting out of the shower. She apologized to me for getting up so many times in the middle of the night to throw up, but the funny thing is that I didnít wake up once. I never realized how deep a sleeper I am until this semester. Lelaine often comes home in the middle of the night, but I never hear her. Sheesh, how many tangents can I follow in one diary entry? Stu went home to Tampa for a few days to housesit for his parents. I have already planned my study schedule up until the last day of my exams so I have a lot to keep me busy. Tomorrow I have to go to an astrodynamics class at 10:30 AM and also the Alpha Chi Omega mournerís party (mourning the end of the semester, I think) at night. Maybe I will be getting my paddle from my little sisters then. I am so excited about that! Besides those two little things and a lot of studying there isnít much else to know about my life for the next week and a half. Soon the semester will be over and I will be out of here! There are a lot of unknowns concerning the summer still and I hope they make themselves available soon. Until then I am still in the dark. I guess itís time for bed now and then I will literally be in the dark.