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April 30, 2000
The End is in Sight ... But Not Yet in Focus

I have to get back to work in 36 minutes. At one oíclock I realized that I had lost my direction after studying for three hours. That happens sometimes. I have been really good about studying for the past few days, but since my aerodynamics final is tomorrow at 5:30 PM and I am a little worried about being prepared for it. So far I have an A in that class and I would like to keep that grade in order to save my semester GPA. So I am letting myself take a little break from studying right now so I can find some more motivation.

I did indeed get my paddle from my little sisters on Thursday at the mournerís party. It is so beautiful! I need to find a place to hang it on the wall next semester. I have decided that I donít like the layout of my room anymore and I am going to totally rearrange it in the fall when I get back. I was at Office Max a little while ago Ė I needed some more packing boxes - and I saw some really cool shelves and stuff that would be great for my room. Too bad I discover this as soon as I am about to move out for the summer! Itís also too bad that I am going to be moving back into my house the day before fall classes start and Iím not going to have much time to make my room beautiful while classes are going on.

Sheesh, only 17 minutes left before I need to get back to work. Letís see, what else did I want to write about? I went to a party last night at University Commons. I wasnít in much of a party mood because I was very worried about the upcoming exams so I didnít have anything to drink and I left at 1:30 AM. This was the first party I had been to all semester and Stuís friends were jokingly asking him who I was. I guess Iím just not much of a party person because I never quite know what to do with myself at such events. You canít really talk to people because the music is so loud and I feel uneasy around a bunch of people (most of whom I donít know). I was also wearing some pretty uncomfortable shoes and that didnít make me too happy.

Seven more minutes. I am watching a stupid Pauly Shore movie called ďSon-In-Law.Ē I guess I am just wasting time. I canít believe that the semester is almost over and I am going to be out of Gainesville in less than a week. I canít wait to go shopping with my mom and drive across the country to California with my dad. Three more minutes. I guess I am going to go to the Union and study until I get hungry for dinner. That way I wonít be distracted by all of the stuff that is going on and all of the available snack food here at the house. My body is telling me that too much junk food and not enough exercise is really a bad idea, but exam week doesnít allow anything better. Maybe Iíll have some time to add another entry this week during finals, but weíll have to see what happens. By the way, my astrodynamics group got an A on our project. Woohoo!