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April 24, 2000
A List

Things to do before the end of the semester:

1) Physical for Boeing internship
2) Address change with UF
3) Address change with Discover Card (DONE)
4) Find out California address for the summer
5) Find out what kind of work clothes I will need
6) Suspend phone service
7) Sell back books (yeah!)
8) Defrost refrigerator
9) Refill prescriptions
10) Find out teachers who are assigned to my fall classes
11) Email my summer roommates
12) Petition to get out of required summer credit hours

This is the stuff I can think of right now so I figured I should write it down before any one of these items slips my mind. I made an appointment for my physical this afternoon for next Wednesday so that will be one of these things taken care of then. I was successful in changing my billing address with Discover Card also so that is one more thing done. Since the end of the semester is nearing the biggest thing on my mind is final exams. As soon as they are over I will be worried about moving out of my house and I know that these little things I have listed above will be hard to remember. Hopefully having this list will remind me the stuff that needs to get done before the semester is over.