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April 23, 2000
Sunday Night

Thereís a certain feel to a Sunday night that doesnít occur at any other time. At about this time (7 PM) if you are a student, like me, you are probably getting your biggest motivation to finish that assignment that is due in the morning. I remember during the summer I was getting ready to go back to work the next morning and sometimes that wasnít a very bright prospect. I guess Sunday is special because it marks the end of the weekend and the beginning of what seems like it will be a very long week. Today is even more special because it is Easter Sunday, but in my little world nothing it too different even though it is a holiday. The most interesting part of my day is the fact that I didnít do much of anything at all.

The last day of the semester at the University of Florida is Wednesday and that means that I only have two days of classes left before final exams start since I donít have class on Tuesday this semester. I also have two more homework assignments, but they are both due Wednesday. That sort of explains why I havenít been occupied most of the weekend. Having a couple of days to go before homework is due gives me a false sense of security and I convince myself that there is PLENTY of time to get it done later. Maybe thatís one of the reasons school gets me so stressed. Anyway, I have started on both of the assignments (one for astrodynamics and the other for numerical analysis) so I am on the right track to getting them done on time. I finally watched ďDon QuixoteĒ this afternoon on TV while trying to work on my astrodynamics. I felt pretty lazy after lying around watching that for more than two hours so then I took a walk. Now I am sitting in front of my computer wondering what else can keep me busy until it is time for bed.

If you havenít already noticed, I am writing tonight because it gives me something to do. Now that I have come to this realization I will close this entry without boring someone else Ė Iím bored enough for every one of my readers (ten at the most). As soon as my last exam is finished I will be packing up most of my belongings and moving then temporarily to Tallahassee before I had out to California for my summer internship. The moving is going to be quite a chore and everything must fit in my little car. I know it can happen because I have done it before. Letís hope I havenít accumulated too much new stuff in the course of this school year. Iím a pack rat, by the way. I guess itís back to the ďfind something for Lauren to doĒ routine. Ciao!