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April 2, 2000
Weekend Blues and the Final Four

Yet again the weekend has not brought any excitement in my life. Since I have an aerodynamics exam tomorrow morning I spent most of yesterday studying for it. I have an A in that class so far and I canít afford to let that slip. However, I think I am prepared for the test now and I donít have any other homework to do! Technically I could be working on my circuits assignment, but it isnít due until Wednesday and I canít bring myself to start on it yet. So I am sitting here in my room, which has been cleaned because we are having alumni over this afternoon to celebrate Gamma Iota Founderís Day, wondering what I can do to get out of the house. Yesterday while I was studying I watched the entire Star wars trilogy and that should indicate how thrilling my weekend has been.

I didnít watch the NCAA Final Four basketball game between Florida and North Carolina last night, but I knew that the Gators won when all of the cars on 13th Street outside my window started honking at the same time. I havenít heard that sound since our football team beat Tennessee last semester. Monday night is the final game versus Michigan State and I am sure it will be very exciting, but I doubt that I will watch that one either. My school spirit is severely lacking, I guess, but my homework has kept me from being a devoted fan. Danny OíDonnell took the aerodynamics exam on Thursday that the rest of us will be taking tomorrow so he could go to Indianapolis for the Final Four. The win last night must have made his trip worthwhile.

Guess what movie is on TV right now? To quote Tito from Disneyís Oliver and Company, ďIf this is torture chain me to the wall!Ē Wow, one of the bad guys just got run over by a train! I didnít remember that part from the last time I watched this movie.

Hereís an update on my summer internship. I have gotten several emails from Boeing telling me who my roommates are going to be and asking about my relocation plans. My dad and I decided that we are going to drive to California in my car so that I will have it with me the whole time. My only concern is that my last day of work is scheduled to be Friday August 18 and I have to be back in Gainesville on Tuesday August 22 because classes start the next day. My dad says that we should be able to make it back in time (he is going to drive back with me too), but I might see about missing at least that last day of work so that we wonít be rushed. I got my roommates email addresses so I need to email them pretty soon. I have a lot of questions to ask about where we are living and what kind of stuff I should bring. I do have the phone number of a contact at Boeing that I should call with these questions Ė Iíll call him this week and get everything straight. So things look good so far and I am still excited about the opportunity to get some work experience (and some money) this summer. More information about the internship as it arises.

Here is my definite fall class schedule (I said I would post it after I registered for my classes):

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 7:25-8:15          
2 8:30-9:20 Aero-Thermal Processes Experimental Methods Aero-Thermal Processes Experimental Methods Aero-Thermal Processes
3 9:35-10:25   Stability and Control   Stability and Control  
4 10:40-11:30   Stability and Control   Stability and Control  
5 11:45-12:35          
6 12:50-1:40          
7 1:55-2:45 Aero Structures Experimental Methods Aero Structures   Aero Structures
8 3:00-3:50   Experimental Methods      
9 4:05-4:55 IPPD   IPPD   IPPD

IPPD stands for "integrated process and product development" and that class is a substitute for the required Aerospace Design course I would have been taking otherwise. I think that IPPD is going to be much more beniefical than aero design, but we'll have to wait and see.

It is about time that I get off my butt and do something. I really should go to Campus Outfitters and figure out what kind of paddle I want my little sisters to make for me this week. Stu has gone biking this morning so heís not around. Whatís a girl to do?