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March 25, 2000
Spring Initiation 2000

The amount of available floor space in my room has doubled since this morning. When I got out of bad there was very little to be seen, but that may have been because Emmy was asleep on the floor next to my bed and the initiation baskets for my little sisters were sitting near her. I felt bad that she had to sleep on our hard dirty floor, but she seemed to get to sleep all right considering she was out in the middle of a loud part of ďArmageddon.Ē Anyway, right now there are no people on the floor and I have unloaded all of the initiation presents for Amanda and Melissa.

If you havenít guessed already we initiated our new members into Alpha Chi Omega as sisters this morning. Let me tell you that having ďtwinsĒ is the most rewarding experience even if they do require double the amount of work as opposed to one little sister. I was initially upset that I would have to actually be in the initiation ceremony, but being with them through it was a lot of fun. Last night during initiation practice I had to learn the extra songs reserved for three sisters to sing in between ritual sections. This means that I am going to be in charge of these songs starting next semester Ė Iím not sure if thatís a good thing. Since I had two little sisters, Amanda and Melissa, being initiated I got to pin both of them, lavaliere both of them, and watch both of them get their gifts after they officially became sisters. Itís been so long since I actively participated in initiation that I forgot how much fun it is for the girls going through it for the first time. We have changed a lot of things since I was initiated (October 17, 1997), but it is still a very special ceremony for everyone. I was a proud big sister today. To the left is a scanned picture of the poster I made for Amanda and Melissa and posted in the hallway.

Now that my floor is clear of people and gifts I really need to vacuum it. Lelaine is currently getting ready to go to the Alpha Chi Omega formal tonight and our room is a mess (not just because of her, though). I guess we will have to clean up tomorrow so we can vacuum before the stray hairs on the floor get even more annoying. I was planning to stay home tonight, do some homework and laundry, and watch TV but Stuart has other plans. Yesterday he told me that I needed to reserve most of tonight for a surprise that he has cooked up. I have absolutely no idea what it is going to be, but I have to be ready to go at 7 PM. That gives me about two hours from now. We arenít going to dinner (I got that hint about an hour ago) but thatís all I know.

Hereís a funny incident that happened at my chapter his week. We have a paint-chipped old metal bench outside the front door of our house and it is an eyesore. Apparently this week a couple of fraternity pledges in only their boxer shorts were seen trying to steal it. I have no idea why anyone would want our ugly old bench, but we figured that these poor boys were told to steal it by their pledgemaster or some brotherís who were looking for a laugh. Either way it must have been some form of hazing before their initiation. A couple of my sisters tried to run after them, but they dropped the bench down the street, on the other side of the Delta Gamma house, and ran. Guess who had to carry it back to the house? The sisters. And guess what was sitting in our newly redecorated foyer this morning? The bench. I laughed my butt off when I heard this story told first-hand from our president. I can just imagine two boys in boxer shorts running down sorority row with our metal bench. Well, I thought it was funny.