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April 5, 2000
Exam Blues and AIAA

I got two tests back today – one good one and the other not so good. I am indeed keeping my A average in aerodynamics, but not by very much considering I got a 90 on the second exam. I made two really dumb mistakes and the only way I can explain them is to say that I was running out of time and I got a little frantic near the end of the exam. There’s nothing I can do about it now. At least I got an A on my project (15% of the total semester grade) so it looks like I will be able to get that much needed A. My GPA depends on that. Then I got back my second circuits exam and I was horrified to see the number 66 at the top. After looking over the problems in disbelief I realized that there was a mistake in the grading and I should have gotten a 76 instead. What a relief! Not that a 76 is a good grade to get, but it is higher than the average and it is certainly higher than a 66. Maybe I should concentrate on resuscitating my circuits grade now. Except for astrodynamics, in which we were assigned a group project that is due next Tuesday, I don’t have anymore exams until finals week. That’s something to look forward to.

We had an AIAA meeting tonight to elect officers for the coming year. There were two people who were in our minds for the position of president and one of them (Tara) conveniently didn’t show up for the meeting! So guess who is the new AIAA president-elect? Danny. The people who disliked the jobs the least filled the other positions. We really need some younger members that can take over when the rest of us graduate. I think, out of the quasi-seniors that we have now, I am going to be the only one left during the fall 2001 semester. That is going to be a lonely semester, but I am sure it is going to be busy because I will be graduating and either going to graduate school or getting a job. My coursework will be super easy, but other facets of life will be taking over by then and I am looking forward to that.

Ug, why am I watching “Dawson’s Creek” for the first time in ages? My intellectual level momentarily took a turn for the worst when I stopped channel surfing at the WB network. I think I am just trying to avoid the inevitable astrodynamics project that I should be working on. I have almost finished my circuits prelab for tomorrow and I don’t think I have any more homework due this week besides that. That’s a strange feeling. There are a lot of non-school related things that I need to do anyway – like get an appointment for my physical so I can send the medical stuff to Boeing. I need to pay my phone bill too; I just found it under some other stuff next to my keyboard. It sounds like the last thing I should be doing is sitting here typing an incredibly uneventful diary entry for poor people like you to read. How can I ever thank you for reading my stream-of-consciousness ramblings?

Yet again this entry is going to be a short one. Maybe soon something super exciting will be able to take up an entire page in Microsoft Word without word padding.