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March 29, 2000
Concession of Summer

I finally broke down and wore shorts to class today. This is my way of conceding that summer is finally upon us and I donít like it one bit. From now until November (or even December if weíre lucky) it will be scorchingly hot and jeans will be unthinkable to the normal person. Last summer while I was taking classes I couldnít believe that anyone would even consider wearing long pants outside, but a lot of people didnít seem to share that opinion. I would even get sweaty walking to my 9:30 AM class wearing shorts and a tank top. Yuck. This is what we have to look forward to from now until at least Thanksgiving. However, I am going to be in California this summer so the climate will be different but I think it will probably be just as hot. A break from the humidity will be nice, though.

This week hasnít been as busy as the last few. I only have one more homework assignment to finish for this week so that is a real deviation from the norm. I do have an aerodynamics exam on Monday that I need to start studying for and we decided today in astrodynamics to have a major project (instead of another test) that will be assigned on Monday. Next week isnít going to be that much fun, it seems. I actually went to dinner tonight (it was pasta bar and I love that) and even my little sister Katherine was surprised. Even though I ate about an hour ago I am already craving junk food. It's Wednesday so Dairy Queen has their 99-cent Blizzard deal today. Iíll probably be procuring one of those for myself a little later (a chocolate-covered cherry one with chocolate ice cream). Sheesh, my life is just boring and fattening to boot.

I thought that I had more to write about since it has been a few days since my last entry Ė I was wrong! Itís time for me to get back to work now so my grades wonít be too horrible this semester. I register for my fall classes tomorrow morning at 9:40 AM so weíll see what happens. I will post a definite fall schedule as soon as it is done.