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February 8, 2000
Another Moment of Procrastination (one of many)

I have been thinking that I should write another diary entry, but the thought that usually comes directly after that is “what will I write about?” That’s a good question – one that I don’t have a good answer for. The reason I am sitting at my computer right now typing these words is I am a lazy procrastinating college student. Deal with it (and keep reading).

I got three emails from Mark Lyden, the Boeing recruiter that interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. I was very excited as I was online and the little box popped up from Microsoft Messenger Service saying “You have a new email from Lyden, Mark” because that meant I was going to find out something about a possible summer internship. Fortunately it was good news. Apparently something about my resume, my interview, or me was impressive enough to advance me to the next stage of the employment process and that was encouraging. I had to send a document copy of my resume by email and I was informed that I will be receiving an application through the mail soon that I have to fill out. I am very excited about possibly going to California to work at Boeing this summer! Hopefully I will have more information on this prospect soon. Mr. Lyden asked me if I would be available for a co-op that lasted until December, but I decided that I am graduating late enough and I would rather get out of UF sooner rather than move back my graduation another whole year. (My classes are such that it would happen that way.) No other opportunities on the job front yet, but I still need to send my resume to a couple of Lockheed Martin companies and I will probably have an interview with Pratt-Whitney next month. We’ll see what happens.

The main reason I am procrastinating is my astrodynamics homework that is due tomorrow. The problem is that I don’t know how to do it and neither does anyone else! I went over to the aerospace engineering building today at 3 PM hoping to find someone in my class that would help me understand the problem, but no such luck. The people I did run into didn’t know how to do the homework and Dr. Fitz-Coy (who apparently wasn’t in his office for his scheduled office hours this morning) wasn’t willing to help us then. Argh! I am guessing we will get an extension on this assignment, but it is still frustrating when you should be able to solve a problem and you can’t. I need to write up the other two problems neatly so I will have less work to do tomorrow between classes. I am just not in a homework mood right now. Do you understand what that feels like?

I just got an email from Kathe. She has a new diary and she established a new email list to go along with it. Recently she has been sending fairly long messages to the list telling us about her life and I enjoy reading them. I like hearing what my friends are up to and Kathe can make anything sound interesting. Her email today was basically talking about being sick and unmotivated to write in her new diary, but I read it happily anyway. Keep up those emails, Kathe, and I will keep checking your webpage everyday to see if it has been updated.

Life is very ordinary these days and I can’t complain about that. Nothing major is taking up all of my time and I am not bored. I am sure that soon something will come along and break up my schedule, but that’s life and I have learned to deal with it (most of the time). As soon as that thing comes along you will be sure to hear about it.