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February 13, 2000
My Stream of Consciousness

I just did my “Good Samaritan” deed for the day. Some guy’s car broke down behind the house and I waited in the foyer with him for about thirty minutes while he called for a tow truck. I wasn’t really listening to the conversation, but I heard him say that the car was a 1968 model. No wonder it broke down!

Today hasn’t been very productive personally. I have tests in circuits and aerodynamics this week, but I did a lot of studying for those yesterday. I also have an assignment due in astrodynamics on Wednesday, plus the usual circuits lab report and prelab due on Thursday that I haven’t really started yet. This week isn’t gonna be a lot of fun. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think Stu and I are going to do anything exciting. Wednesday is our ten-month anniversary so maybe we will be free enough from schoolwork to celebrate then. I got Stu a Valentine’s Day present yesterday – I hope he likes it.

Our wind tunnel construction session today was pretty good. Believe it or not the plane inside is going to fly! I am a tad bit surprised that we got it to work at all. The Engineering Fair is February 22-24 so we have to have it ready for display and demonstration by then. We are going to work on the exhibit boards at the next AIAA meeting, this Wednesday evening. If anyone would like to see our homemade wind tunnel please come to the E-Fair and check it out! That would make me very happy. As soon as I get a scanner (who knows when that will be) I will post some pictures of the finished product as well as intermediate construction. Until then you’ll just have to use your imagination unless you can see it in person.

This entry has been pretty hodgepodge. I have been writing about things as they pop into my mind, but nothing has been ultra exciting since the last time I posted an entry. Thanks for being loyal enough to read these ramblings! Do you realize there are only three more weeks of classes until (my) spring break? Cool.