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February 3, 2000
A Brief Interlude

Since it hasn’t been very long since my last entry (and that one was really long) I will keep this brief. The Great Escape, the Alpha Chi Omega annual philanthropy, took place this past Monday and Tuesday nights and that kept me busy for those two days. On Monday I had class in the morning as usual and then I had to go to Turlington Plaza and sit at the penny-voting table for an hour. During a philanthropy the fraternities and sororities that participate can get points by giving dropping off spare change in their individual jars and these jars are usually set up on a table in near Turlington Hall. That’s my explanation of penny-voting. Anyway, I had to sit at the table for one hour between classes on Monday and another hour on Tuesday morning. I figured I should do my part for the philanthropy, but I didn’t count on the weather being so cold! I was dressed pretty warmly both times I was there but sitting around in the cold wind for an hour will make anyone chilly.

Our kick-off party for the Great Escape, which benefited Mothers Against Drunk Driving this year, took place at Fat Tuesday’s downtown on Monday night. All of the sisters were required to be there so I showed my face for about an hour. I didn’t drive there so I should have brought my ID and gotten a drink. Emmy said that Fat Tuesday’s has good drinks, but sadly I couldn’t tell you that from experience. The main event of the Great Escape is a 5K fun run that took place on Tuesday night at 8 PM. Stuart and Robyn were kind enough to participate in the run and for that I am very thankful. All of the sisters were supposed to recruit at least one community runner and I was fortunate to get two. Robyn was the second finishing female community runner (different from the female sorority runner division), but what do you expect from a girl who can run a marathon with no problem? It was cold the night of the race. I thought I was bundled up well enough, but two hours of standing around the Hume parking lot was brutal. The philanthropy was a success and I am glad we are done with it for awhile.

I have made the decision to live in the sorority house again next year for several reasons. Even though I wish I had cooking facilities and my own room I have had good luck with roommates this year and I can deal with the food problem. The money I save living here can be used for something else later on. I think this is a good decision but stay tuned to see if I change my mind about that! I have to leave for my three-hour circuits lab in about 30 minutes. Yuck. At least I finished my lab report from last week and the prelab that is due at the beginning of class already. I have a numerical analysis test tomorrow morning and I am scared to death. The material is not difficult but it is very vague sometimes and the programming aspect is going to kill me. Why did I take C++ instead of FORTRAN? I am kicking myself in the butt for it now. If any engineering students are reading this take FORTRAN if for nothing else than impending numerical analysis classes!!