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July 28, 1999
Seeing People I Haven't Seen in Awhile


It is another routine day at work. Yesterday I got to do a little more work on the air conditioning project for the Biomedical Research building, but not enough to keep me occupied for very long. Today my boss has another guy here for an interview so I really have nothing to do until he is done. I have to leave here at 4 PM today, a half-hour early, because I have to go back to the dentist again. I think this will be my last trip to the dentist until my appointment in December. By now they should be tired of seeing me.

I knew that Stuart had sent me a postcard while he was in Michigan, but I didnít get it until Monday. Apparently it took a week for that little piece of paper to travel from Michigan to Florida. I was happy to get it, though. Itís nice to know he was thinking of me. Only a couple more days before I see him! My mom was scolded today by her friend because she is letting me go to Orlando with my boyfriend. My mom knows that she can trust me not to do anything that I will regret, but I thought this friend of hers would know that too. Anyway, I canít wait for the trip and time is passing slowly now because I am excited.

When Meghan came to pick me up for kick boxing last night she told me that Danny is coming home soon! He flew into Atlanta last night and he may be coming back to Tallahassee within the next few days. He has been away for a long time and everyone will be excited to see him before he goes back to sea for a few more months. This visit is quite unexpected and Meghan had only found about it earlier in the afternoon. On the way to kick boxing Meghan called her mom to tell her they need to clean up their house. I hope I will be able to see Danny before he leaves again. I am going to be gone this weekend, I have to work next week, and there is a lot of packing I still have to do. I will find some free time somewhere.


My mom has had a craving for Steak N Shake for awhile now so she took the opportunity tonight to go there for dinner. I must say that it was delicious. I havenít had a good burger lately and the Deluxe Bacon N Cheddar one I ordered was the best. Also the cherry Coke had so much cherry in it I wondered if there was actually any Coke in there at all! What a wonderful meal. David Reiser was working at Steak N Shake while we were there tonight, but I donít know if he recognized me. He wasnít our waiter and I didnít go out of my way to speak to him. When we were leaving he was taking orders from three twelve-year-old girls who I know were enjoying the experience of having cute older guy wait on them.

Before dinner my mom and I went to Office Depot. I realized how dumb it was to have that huge trunk for all of my clothes if I canít lift it by myself. We were looking for some paper boxes and I think the guy who helped us was Alex Caloza. I didnít even think it was him until after we had left, but that was strange. I havenít seen him since high school. If he has sneezed his signature sneeze I would have known it was him. We did find some boxes, by the way. Now the only thing too heavy for me to carry that I have to take to school with me is the tower of my computer. It is needlessly huge.