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July 29, 1999
Working and Kick Boxing

You aren’t going to believe this, but I think the fake tan worked this time. It smells bad, as usual, but this time it almost completely covered up my farmer’s tan on my arms and legs. It’s a miracle! Well, maybe not a miracle, but it is certainly amazing to me. Speaking of my tan, Stuart was online again last night when I checked my email. ICQ has to be one of the best bits of software I have downloaded. How else could I chat with my boyfriend for free almost as if we were on the phone? Anyway, we talked about the trip this weekend a little bit. He wants me to go see “The Blair Witch Project” tomorrow night when I get to Gainesville, but I don’t think that is such a good idea. From what I have read that is a horror movie and I would probably be scared to death. I don’t think there is a whole lot of gore, but Lauren has a weak stomach. (Kathe and Danny, who took me to see “Scream,” know what I am talking about.) We’ll see what happens.

Oh, I have some work to do! This is priceless since I am usually bored here in my little cubicle. I’ll be back later tonight to sum up the rest of the day.


I did have quite a bit of work to do today, but that doesn’t mean I had to be doing it the whole time I was at my computer. I have been working on my webpage a lot, but none of the new parts are ready for viewing yet. Anyway, I kind of goofed off a lot today. I did get most of my work done but only after I screwed up the drawing a few times and I had to erase and start all over again. I hate it when that happens.

At kick boxing tonight we actually got to use some punching bags. Our instructor told us that the amount of resistance increases by 18 percent when you start hitting something other than the air. She wasn’t kidding! We got a really good workout and I was much more tired after class than I have been before. It was fun to pretend that you were kicking an attacker, but since Meghan was on the other side of the bag sometimes it kicked back! A couple of times I lost my balance and fell backwards. I know something like that would happen if I was trying to beat up someone. If Meghan brings Danny to one of our classes he will be able to see what Meghan would do to him if she ever got really mad. Maybe he needs to be a little fearful!

I am leaving for Gainesville tomorrow around 6 PM. There won’t be any diary updates from Saturday or Sunday until probably Monday, but come back then and see how the weekend went. I will write something at work tomorrow if I can think of anything to say. Not that my job is that exciting – especially on Friday. Pray that I don’t kill anyone on the highway!