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July 26, 1999
Can't Trust that Day

First of all, I will be adding my entry from Saturday as well as more stuff from Friday tonight. I forgot to bring my written diary with me to work so I canít type up what I wrote during my break today. Meghan and I had a good trip this weekend and there is a lot of stuff I want to relate Ė as soon as I can type up the anecdotes. Please come back tomorrow to see what has been added.

I am at work again here on this Monday morning. I didnít get to bed until much later than usual last night so it was very hard to get up this morning. One reason for my lack of sleep is that Stuart was online last night when I was checking my email so we got to chat for a little while. I am driving to Gainesville on Friday afternoon to see him and I am very excited about it. By then it will have been four weeks since he came to Tallahassee to see me. Thatís not exactly a short period of time. We were discussing our tans last night or rather our lack of them. On Saturday at the beach I used so much sunscreen that I didnít get any color at all. On Sunday I didnít put on any sunscreen because Meghan and I didnít plan to be out very long, but I didnít get any tan because a jellyfish stung me and we decided to go inside after that. (All vacation stories related on their respective dates, whether or not they are up yet or not.)

My boss is interviewing a guy now that I think has been offered a job here. Come to think of it, he has been offered my job! I guess he will take over when I go back to Gainesville. Mark (my boss) showed him my office earlier and told him it is where he will be working. You have to wait for me to leave, buddy!

I donít think there will be much more for me to write about today. I donít have any interesting plans in store, but my mom and I are going to the mall to buy makeup tonight. I really need some new stuff for Rush. Since I hate to wear makeup unless it is a special occasion or I have to, I donít own very much of it. (Unless you count stage makeup from high school musicals, but that stuff isnít functional in the real world.) This is the latest stride in my quest to be beautiful. Yes, I know it is crazy to think I could be any more beautiful, but a girl has to try! Just kidding, guys. I hope no one thinks I am really as egotistic as I sound sometimes. I am actually a very self conscious person who battles her bad body image daily. It all comes from being a chubby child. Anyway, check my page later because I will be adding the weekend entries by tomorrow morning.