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July 19, 1999
Music, Money, and Lack of Sleep

Itís amazing how music can affect me sometimes. On Saturday I bought the Disney ďTarzanĒ soundtrack at the mall, but I didnít get a chance to really listen to it until this morning on the way to work. The music is really wonderful and I got lost in my own little world while driving (not a very safe venture). When Jenni and I went to see the movie we were both disappointed that the actual characters didnít sing at all, but I was very impressed with the score anyway. I listened to several of the songs more than once on the way to work and I got goosebumps because they were so beautiful. I love music that can move you like that and I wish I could hear that kind of stuff more often.

Iím back at work on this Monday morning. I am in the middle of a job that has me kind of puzzled and I hate to bother anyone because I canít find the right reference book. Pretty soon I will have to ask or this job will never get done. I got paid last Friday so I have more than doubled the size of my bank account since then. Let me tell you that I only got one weekís pay so that should indicate that my checking account was pretty low before I got paid. Now I have enough money to buy a new modem for my computer that I desperately want. Mine in a 36.6 Kbps and I want to get a 56 K one so my connection at school will be a bit faster.

Since I have been getting up at 6:30 AM every weekday I canít seem to sleep in on the weekends. On Saturday and Sunday I couldnít sleep past 8:30 AM so thatís when I hauled myself out of bed. My mom thought something was wrong on Saturday morning because I was awake so early, then she thought I was crazy. Actually my cat Tom jumped on me that morning and that helped the waking up process. I love getting up early because it gives me more time to do stuff during the day, but the problem emerges because I am not completely catching up on missed sleep. My last two weekends before I go back to Gainesville are going to be busy and I donít think I am going to get a lot of sleep while I am on my trips, so I need to makes sure I get a lot of sleep this week. That will be an interesting feat if I can pull it off.