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July 17, 1999
A Good Day. Is it Possible?

It has been three days since I broke a tooth Ė that must be a personal best! Now that I have the night guard Iím not biting off pieces while I sleep and I try to eat soft foods only. Itís not a lot of fun, but anything is better than stupid broken teeth. I am getting the real porcelain veneers this Thursday so all of this annoyance will be over then (I hope).

My mom and I went shopping again today, but this time we were successful! I finally found a bathing suit that fit correctly so I snatched it up. However, I did try on a whole bunch of others before I found the one that fit. I have a couple of opportunities to wear it coming up so that makes it a good purchase. My mom had to put up with my bad mood while I was trying on all of the reject bathing suits. After a girl fails in her multiple attempts to find the right suit she can get rather depressed, but I am very excited with the recent success.

I set up a tracking program for my diary homepage because I was interesting in who reads the stuff that I write. On Thursday I checked the statistics and all of the domain hosts were based in Tallahassee except one that was from Michigan. ďStrange,Ē I thought, ďStuart is in Michigan!Ē Is there any chance he is the one reading my diary? Today the same domain address popped up on the statistics and that makes me even more curious. I do have family in Michigan, but I donít think they know anything about my homepage. How funny would it be if Stuart is reading my humble musings? I canít wait to hear from him again. (Stuart, if you ARE reading this you are probably going to laugh!) Speaking of Stuart, yesterday was our three-month anniversary.

Recently I have gotten in touch with an old friend who moved away from Tallahassee in the fifth grade. Her name is Karen and went to middle school in Tampa and then to San Francisco for high school. Now she is a student at Berkeley and she wants to go to medical school when she graduates. When she emailed me on Thursday she mentioned that she knew some people at UF that went to high school in Tampa. The funny thing is that she knew Stuart from middle school! Karen said that the picture I have of him on my webpage looked familiar so when I told her his last name she remembered who he is. I think it is pretty strange that Karen and I havenít been in touch with each other in a really long time and we still have something in common.

I got my hair cut today also. As usual my hairdresser told me how cute my hair would look at shoulder-length. This time she tried to show me what it would look like and I told her I hated it. Why am I not allowed to keep my hair the way I like it and not get harassed? My mom made a pledge today not to say anything else about my hair so weíll have to see if she can keep it. I really prefer to have my hair long, but no one else seems to think itís such a good idea. Why donít they see that I need to be happy with it? If I hated it then I would be miserable.

OK, so today wasnít very interesting. Yesterday wasnít either and thatís why I didnít write anything. I hope this entry hasnít made people decide that my diary isnít worth reading. I promise that someday something will happen that is really exciting to read about. As soon as it does youíll be the first to know. Good night.