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July 12, 1999
A Little Slice of Life

I got to work at 9 AM this morning and I couldn’t find a free place to park. My car is in the parking garage and I will have to pay a few dollars when I leave this afternoon. At 8 AM I was at the dentist to get my temporary veneers replaced again. The exposed part of one tooth really hurts now, even after if has been covered again. I have a can of Mountain Dew sitting on the desk with a straw sticking out of it. I know it looks stupid, but my teeth are still sensitive to the cold drink! The dentist’s office is going to call me later and I will have to go back this afternoon. The dentist is making a night guard me for so I won’t grind me teeth together at night. How fun can one day be?

I finally got to chat with Stuart on ICQ last night. It was about 11:15 PM and he had just come back from hockey, plus he was about to walk out the door to go to a friend’s house so we didn’t have much time. I think he was really in a hurry because he sort of cut me off at the end. That didn’t make me too happy, but what can you do? He was having fun and I was about to go to bed – our schedules weren’t synchronized at the time. I hope he had fun for the both of us! Last week was crazy and this weekend wasn’t very relaxing either so I need Stu to have enough fun to make up for my lack of it. Maybe I can talk to him online tonight. I miss Stu a lot, but I think he already knows that. It can't hurt to say it again, though.

I’ll bet you could have guessed that I went to the dentist again at 3 PM to get the night guard. I was mad because I had gotten to work late and then I had to leave early! Top it all off with a five-dollar charge for parking in the parking garage and I wasn’t a happy camper. It only took about twenty minutes to fir the night guard and I was home by 3:30 PM. I guess I should look on the bright side – I got some relaxation time, but I would rather have been at work (believe it or not). I was in the middle of a project when I had to leave so I hope I can remember where I left off when I go back tomorrow morning. Anyway, I hope my dental worries are over for a little while and I won’t have much else to say about that topic until I get the porcelain veneers next week.

I finally got the VCR and cable box set correctly to tape “Days of Our Lives” while I was at work today. My mom and I watched it when I got home. Amazingly, stuff is actually happening on the show now! Sometimes there is a stretch where everything seems to happen at once, but then you hit a few months where a whole bunch of nothing goes on forever. You never know what will happen next. My mom came up with a good explanation for the “John eyebrow dance” (as suggested by some website I read) – she said he must be a fly. That makes sense because he seems to have to turn his head to one side or the other to look at anything closely. What a great idea! I was practically rolling on the floor watching my mom imitate John with bug eyes. Anyone who watches “Days” knows what I am talking about. Doesn’t it make sense?

I guess I should end this entry now. I haven’t seen Stuart online yet today, but I have checked about five or six times already. Maybe he will be on when I post this. I need to go and finish my sit-ups before I go to bed. Adieu.