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July 13, 1999
A Blip on the Screen of My Life

I donít think my co-workers here have seen the best side of me. Mark has realized that I am a major klutz because I trip over something or run into something every time he is around. Not that I donít do that stuff anyway, but it seems to inevitably happen around authority figures that I am trying to make a good impression on. A few minutes ago I spilled my Pepsi all over the front of my shirt and jeans. Very slick, right? I must look like a total idiot. Fortunately I didnít wear a white shirt (like I did yesterday) and as soon as the liquid dries it shouldnít be that bad. As soon as it happened I knew I was revealing my true nature through spilled soda. Just another little facet of my personality to show to the world. Itís not exactly one I am very proud of, however.

Stuart is starting his trip to Michigan today Ė he is driving to Tampa with his sister this afternoon and they will fly to Michigan tomorrow. I got an email from him last night regarding the vertical repelling workshop he attended on Saturday. Apparently it got rained out completely and they spent the time watching the Womenís World Cup Finals. That was probably a better way to spend the afternoon than the way I did. That was my first ďorthodontic ordealĒ day. I guess I wonít be hearing from Stu until he gets back from his trip, but I donít know that for sure. This Friday is the 16th and that means it has been three months for us. Itís bad enough to have Stu a couple of hours away, but now itíll be a lot farther (for a little while). *sigh*