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July 11, 1999
Orthodontic Ordeals: Part Deux (and more crazy stuff)

Yes my friends, it happened again. I woke up at 4:30 AM to the sound of my temporary teeth cracking. Just as the dentist said yesterday, I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and that’s what caused them to break both times. However this time the piece that was spit out of my mouth was really big – almost one entire tooth covering. It is very frustrating. I have had the temporaries now for over a week, but they have broken the last two nights in a row! I called the dentist again, but he told me to wait until tomorrow morning to get it fixed again. My mom and I ran around town with my stupid redneck teeth AGAIN! The worst part came when we ate at Taco Bell and my teeth were sensitive to the cold soda. I have to use a straw, stick it on the other side of my mouth, and make sure none of the liquid comes into contact with exposed real teeth. It really hurts if the cold soda hits the teeth. What a pain.

Before we went to Taco Bell, but after we went to K-Mart (for flip-flops that we wanted) and Target (so my mom could get 10-cent pocket folders for her class this fall) we went to the expensive bathing suit store in Tallahassee called Narcissus. Let me tell you first that this wasn’t a good trip. I must have tried on more than ten bikinis and none of them looked good! My mom would tell you other wise about a few of them, but for the most part the others were just not right. Any girl can tell you how depressing it is to try on a bunch of swimsuits and be upset because none of them look good. My biggest problem is that a size 7/8 is too small on the top and then a size 9/10 is too big on the bottom. Apparently no stores in Tallahassee have discovered the joy of bathing suit separates yet because I can’t find them anywhere. I guess I will have to make due with the two bikinis I already have for the trip to St. Augustine (they look good, but they are sort of out of style). Maybe I can find one at the outlet mall there. Hmm…

Also my mom and I went to the craft store and Wal-Mart after we left Taco Bell. I am already looking for an iron-on pattern to make a pillowcase for the fall. It will be for a new sorority cherub. I did find one pattern at the craft store – I never want my pillowcase to look like everyone else’s so I love this one store. When it comes to preparing for a new little sister I have most of that taken care of already. I have been buying little gifts all over the place. Last summer I got the angel figurines I needed for Katherine in St. Augustine so I am hoping I can get some more there this summer. Little sisters are expensive and Lauren is very poor. Saving money on these little gifts is a good deal.

We rented “Star Trek: Insurrection” to watch tonight. Since I haven’t gotten much sleep this weekend I need to get to bed early. I got out of bed at 8 AM this morning because I wanted to call the dentist as soon as possible. I have had a lot of caffeine today so I don’t feel tired yet, but I know the lack of sleep will kick in soon. I promised my mom I would try the fake tanner tonight so that should be fun. My farmer’s tan is something to laugh at right now and it could use all the help it can get. I wouldn’t want to be pale when we go to the beach in two weeks, right? We’ll see what happens.