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July 10, 1999
Orthodontic Ordeals and Other Crazy Stuff

I was having a strange dream last night and I guess that was one reason I woke up. It was only 7:45 AM and I was about to turn over and go back to sleep when I felt something in my mouth. It was a small something so I spit it out and threw it in the garbage. Less than a second later I realized what had happened – my temporary bonding on my teeth had chipped while I was sleeping. I jumped out of bed, went into the bathroom, and looked for the damage. Two large chips had come off– both on the same piece of bonding. I looked like a redneck and I didn’t know what I was going to do about it.

My parents were both awake and they knew something was wrong when I came in their room. My mom just laughed when I mentioned looking like a redneck. If this had happened to her she would be going crazy, but since it didn’t she thought it was funny. With a little encouragement from her I came up with this joke:

You might be a redneck if…your fake teeth break and you ask for a replacement with one blacked out tooth.

I called the dentist and left a message on his “dental emergency” machine so someone would call me back. About an hour later I got a call from one dentist (not the one who had given me the temporaries in the first place, but I wasn’t about to be picky) and he is going to fix my teeth later today. He was in Gainesville when he called and when he comes back I can go to the office and get them fixed. What a pain. I had plans to do stuff today, but now I have to wait for the dentist to call back. You know what they say about “the best laid plans” and I guess you could quote Murphy’s Law here too. This is the essence of my life.


The dentist fixed my teeth this afternoon. I was afraid I was going to have to get another whole piece, but he just repaired the one that was already there. The chip on my front tooth got worse as the morning went on so by the time I went to get it fixed it was pretty bad. They look better now, but I still have to have them for almost another two weeks. I can’t wait for the permanent porcelain veneers – they’ll look good and I won’t have to worry about chipping them so much. My mom said I can’t get into a car accident after the real ones are in place, though, since they cost so much to have done the first time. Anything to get rid of these stupid temporary plastic now.

Kathe and I just had a bonding experience. We are such crazy girls. You wouldn’t believe what kind of stuff happens when we get together and today was no exception. Our trip to St. Augustine with Meghan should be a ton of fun. If Kathe has anything to do with it we are going to be meeting some guys. I guess we will have to find a club to go to on Saturday night. Maybe we could go to Daytona for that purpose. The biggest problem is that Meghan and I have boyfriends, but that won’t stop Kathe! I haven’t been bathing suit shopping for the trip yet, but I am going to the expensive store tomorrow afternoon with my mom. With my “dental emergency” this morning and my mom’s bad leg from pulling something playing tennis yesterday we were wrecks and not up to looking for a bathing suit today. I did get a dress for Rush, so that is a big accomplishment. Anyway I can’t wait for the trip – more time to go crazy (my mom wants me to “loosen up” so that should be interesting).

I am on my own for dinner tonight. My brother is gone (as usual) and my parents went to a party. There are some frozen pizzas in the freezer and my stomach is talking to me right now so I think that shall be dinner. *stomach growl* I wonder if there are any good movies on?