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June 17, 1999
Good Morning?

It is almost 2:30 AM as you move your attention to our heroine. She has finished her torturous History of Science paper and she wants to jump for joy! (By the way, if you want to read the finished product you can find it here.) Then she remembers that she isnít taking only one class this semester. Oh yes, the horrible idea that she has a Marriage and Family test at 9:30 AM (only seven hours from now) has crept into her brain. What will she do? Why she will do what any good college student would do Ė stay up really late and study. Somehow I think the ďreally lateĒ part has already passed so now we are going for at least a few hours of sleep before the test. After I finish the exam I will turn in my History of Science paper, come home, and take a long nap! I think I have earned it. After that I have to pack up my entire bedroom full of junk to move back to Tallahassee on Saturday. Thatís a depressing thought. My checkout appointment is at 11:30 AM on Saturday so letís hope I am ready to go by then.

Stuart had a busy day today, but still managed to fit in some time for little olí me! First of all, I overslept this morning AGAIN (thatís the second time this week, how sad) and this time it was too late to get to class on time at all. Fortunately we were having a review session in Marriage and Family so it was absolutely necessary for me to be there. Around 10 AM I got online and there was Stuart on ICQ! I thought that was strange because he was supposed to have a flight lesson at 9 AM. So I sent him a message asking him why he was online and he explained that the weather was too chancy for flying. Then he turned the question around and asked why I wasnít in class like I was supposed to be. I had to fess up to sleeping in again. It was pretty funny that we were both not where we expected to be this morning.

History of Science class was boring today. I forgot that we were only reviewing and we were supposed to bring questions to ask Dr. Hatch. My best way to learn historical material is to listen to someone talk about it, though. I wasnít the person who raised her hand in class to ask questions because my brain was still processing the information it had been given a minute earlier. I was the person who quietly listen and wrote down lots of notes in class. The people in my class who are always asking questions and making comments didnít seem to do that well on the first exam, believe it or not. Those are the kind of people I expect to understand this stuff. Maybe they donít understand the material, but can somehow invent intelligent questions on a dime. Iím just not like that

After Stu went to a business-type lunch, to work, and then to a GO Club meeting (that he was in charge of today), he came over to my apartment and I made macaroni and cheese for dinner. He brought hotdogs too so we had a pretty good meal according to college student cooking standards! I hadnít really seen much of him all week so I was very glad to spend some time with him, even if we were eating. Stu had to leave early, though, because of the stupid paper that is due tomorrow. That thing has put a damper on our relationship for the past week and I donít like it at all. At least now it is done.

Last night Stu, Howie, and I went to Dairy Queen for 99-cent Blizzards. Thatís a pretty good deal and I was dying for ice cream and a break from the Scientific Revolution. The place was packed and it took us forever to get our Blizzards. The guy behind the counter wasnít experienced in making Blizzards so he took a long time and made mine wrong also. It wasnít worth arguing over. We saw Joe there with Angel, Julie, and some other people. Apparently a Wednesday 99-cent Blizzard is a popular trend in Gainesville. By the time we got back to Stuís apartment ďSouth ParkĒ was already more than half over and the guys were angry. We watched a funny but stupid show on Comedy Central called ďThe Man Show.Ē The theme is male dominance and sex talk, mainly, but what did you suspect with that title? I must admit I rather enjoyed it, but you canít take it seriously without getting offended. After the show was over Stu practically threw me out of his house because I wasnít done with my paper yet. He was only looking out for me, I know, but it isnít a lot of fun to be shoved out the door.

OK, now I am going to bed. My day wasnít as interesting on paper as it seemed earlier when I was thinking about it. However spending time with my boyfriend makes everyday more exciting. Good night.