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June 15, 1999
A Late Morning and a Late Night

I just emailed my dad the introduction (or what I have of it) for my History of Science paper so he can proofread what I already have written. The email began, “It’s 2:30 AM, do you know what your daughter is up to?” He’ll like that. It is pretty late here in my little room, but I am giving myself a half hour to type up this entry because today I actually have something to say! Too bad I should be spending this time working more in that stupid paper, but I think I have written about it enough already. What do you think?

My day started at 9 AM, quite a bit later than I was supposed to wake up, when I heard hesitant knocking on my bedroom door. At first I thought it was in my dream, but when I heard it again I glanced at the clock and realized that I had overslept again! Sheesh. Liesl had been the one knocking on my door and I am very glad she was. I probably would have slept right through my class this morning if it hadn’t been for her. I got ready to go in ten minutes and Liesl and I walked to class together. When we opened the front door to leave we noticed that the chain was still in place. This meant that Brandy hadn’t gone to class this morning! Slacker – but I know exactly how she feels. On the way to class I remembered how it happened that I overslept. At 7 AM I woke up, either still in a dreamlike state or very disoriented, and looked at the clock at the foot of my bed. At that point it looked like I hadn’t set the alarm and I thought, “what an idiot I am.” So I got out of bed, moved the little dial, and promptly went back to sleep. Apparently the alarm was on the whole time, I remember setting it last night, but I was just mistaken when I looked at it at 7 AM and I switched the dial to “off.” That’s just not something that happens everyday! I am quite impressed with the complexity of the whole thing.

I went over to the engineering building to look for Stuart during lunch AGAIN, but this time he was there! In fact he saw me coming towards the door as he was going back to his office, so as I walked in there was a handsome gentleman waiting for me. What a nice surprise. We talked for a little while before he had to get back to work. At least I found him this time.

Remember an entry sometime back about how happy I am with being a girl? Well sometimes it sucks too. My biggest complaint is crazy mood swings that can be unexpected and severe. I spent my entire walk this evening on the verge of tears for no good reason. After I got back I was a horrible conversation companion for Stuart on the phone (sorry about that, baby) because I was very sad. If you were to ask me why I was so sad I couldn’t give you a good, clear, or reasonable explanation. Maybe the stress of this last week of classes in getting to me, but I just wanted someone to hold me and tell me that I am going to make it through OK. I am quite a high maintenance girlfriend sometimes because I won’t tell my boyfriend when I need comfort and yet I get more upset when he doesn’t give it. Yes, I know that no one can read my mind, but sometimes a hug will suffice to cheer me up and I don’t usually ask for it outright. Just another facet to my ever-evolving and strange personality.

Here’s another “Lauren’s History of Science Paper Update.” I already told you that I emailed the existing portion of my introduction paragraph to my dad for him to proofread. I hope to have the whole thing done by midday Thursday so he will have time to read over all of it before I turn it in. Last semester my dad proofread my Western Civilization paper and I got an A on it. Perhaps he wasn’t the reason for the good grade, but I am not willing to take any chances with this paper! Today I made a detailed outline for the entire paper. The more specific information is written on about ten sheets of paper that are all over my floor right now. I am feeling stressed just thinking about it. Tomorrow is a major paper writing day so wish me luck – I am going to need it. By the way, what I have written of my paper is posted at HSpaper.html so go and read it!