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September 19, 1999
More Updates

Yesterday I was thinking that I need to write more entries to make sure I include all of the cool stuff that happens in my life. I guess so many things have been happening at once that I havenít been able to keep track of all of them in writing. The funny thing is that when nothing is going on I always have time to type up my thoughts and then the entries are not a lot of fun to read. I knew that this semester was going to be busy and now that I donít have much free time I wish I could have the opportunity to write more. (Sheesh, the grammar check on Microsoft Word is so picky! Apparently the first sentence of this paragraph isnít grammatically correct, but none of my changes seem to make it correct. Dear reader, I am typing with my own set of grammar rules so keep that in mind.)

I have to be over at Stuartís apartment in an hour to work on our dynamics homework and I was going to run some errands first, but it is pouring down rain right now. It has been raining on and off all afternoon, but of course the torrential stuff has to show up as soon as I need to go somewhere. Of course my car isnít parked close to my house (itís in the parking garage). Also I havenít finished the dynamics homework. I have looked at all of the problems (and even finished three of them!), but a couple havenít revealed their solutions to me yet. With these kind of questions I usually sit staring at them for several hours, try many different solution methods, and then finally figure out how simple the problems really is. Great method, huh? It has served me well in classes like statics and strength of materials in past semesters. Letís hope Stu can convince me that the seemingly unsolvable problems have comprehendible solutions when I talk to him about them.

Katherine isnít home right now, but I need to ask her if she got a little sister. I am still hoping that I will be able to take another one before I graduate, but I am a little happy that this semester looks unlikely for that event. I donít have that much money and little sisters are expensive. My grand-little is going to be spoiled, though! I spent the summer collecting potential gifts for my ďfamilyĒ members and at least I will have someone to give them too. I might still get a little sister this semester or in the spring so I am going to keep a lot of the stuff I bought just in case. You never know when youíre going to need some angel paraphernalia!

Gosh, Iím not very exciting today. Maybe I need to rethink this ďwriting more entriesĒ thing. However, I will make sure to write about the interesting stuff that happens in the future in a timely manner. Lately I have included several occurrences in one entry and not giving much attention to any of them. I promise to do better! In the meantime I am waiting for the next big event before I can write more. This week is going to be really busy Ė even busier than the schedule I included in yesterdayís entry because I found out about several more things I am obligated to do in the next few days. I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am. If not, go out and have some fun!