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September 18, 1999
A Great Many Things

Schedule for the week:
MONDAY – Chi Connections
TUESDAY – Engineering Analysis exam 8th period, Sigma Alpha Iota pinning ceremony
THURSDAY – Alpha Gamma Rho philanthropy (Buck-Off)
FRIDAY – Dynamics exam 3rd period, drive to Tampa with Stu

I have been meaning to write an entry since Wednesday, but the time and motivation have eluded me until now. Fifteen minutes ago was the scheduled kickoff at the Florida vs. Tennessee football game and around the same time my roommates left for a friend’s house. Now I have the room to myself, thank goodness, and some time to get things done. To bad the term “things” includes homework for dynamics and space systems design.

Hurricane Floyd didn’t even shed a drop of water over Gainesville, FL. If I had gotten in a car and driven about fifty miles east I would have encountered torrential rains from the storm, but since I am a resident of Gatorville I wasn’t affected at all. Floyd took a more northerly course than expected so the students at the University of Florida got a day off classes for very little reason. I was very grateful for the break because I had the flu. On Tuesday and Wednesday I felt terrible, but luckily I was able to sleep almost all day in both cases. Sometimes I think your body just knows when it is allowed to break down and mine chose the right time this week. On account of hurricane Floyd my test in intermediate engineering analysis was postponed from Thursday until the following Tuesday and many sets of homework were not turned in at their correct times. Nothing could have been better for me since I was having a stressful week. We did go back to classes on Thursday, however. My first class wasn’t until 3 PM, but somehow I managed to almost be late anyway.

Stuart and his roommates threw a party last night at their apartment and Emmy decided that I should dye my hair before I went. First I got to meet her scary roommate that I had heard her talk about so often. She doesn’t look scary, but you wouldn’t believe how loud she talks! Anyway, we bought some Clairol Loving Care (the kind that washes out in 6 to 12 shampoos) hair color in “beige blonde” and tried it out. I wanted to put some more light blonde highlights in my hair just for the fun of it and that color was the brightest color that was available. Emmy slathered the stuff on my hair very carefully, but in the end I had covered up the natural blonde streaks in my hair with brown. Not I have light brown hair rather than the “beige blonde” that is shown on the box. Isn’t that great? At least the color won’t be around for long. I am still suffering today because of the conditioner I put on my hair after we colored it. Now I have light brown hair that looks dirty all the time! Who could ask for anything more?

Stu’s party was great. I must admit that I drank a little too much (Stu is laughing as he reads this because he knows that is an understatement), but that added to the fun. Since Emmy lives one building down from Stu in the apartment complex we just walked over when we were done making ourselves beautiful (which didn’t take long). When we got there the number of guests was pretty small, but it increased rapidly. I only knew about half of the people there even though my boyfriend was one of the party hosts. Everyone left around 2:30 AM, I think. I remember at one point someone discovered that the keg of beer was empty and people started leaving after that. All I know is that I went to bed at 3 AM with a wonderful stomachache that kept me awake all night. I will never drink that much alcohol again in my life voluntarily and I told Stu and Emmy to make sure I don’t either. Even though I had fun at the party it wasn’t worth being sick the entire night. The first restful sleep I got started at 9:30 AM and ended at 11 AM. How wonderful.

Today has been spent sleeping and working on my dynamics homework. As soon as Gina’s VCR decides to stop taping I will turn on the football game and see what is going on. This game isn’t going to be an easy one for the Gators (theoretically) and a win would really boost their standings. We’ll see what happens. I showed up for the last ten minutes of Stu’s tailgating party this afternoon. The weather is bad in Gainesville today so I hope it doesn’t rain on him at the game. I had better get back to my homework now. Aren’t I lucky?