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September 23, 1999
A Bundle of Nerves

I should be studying for my dynamics test right now, but I am taking a break (that I think I deserve, thank you very much). My test is tomorrow morning at 9:35 AM and I am pretty worried about it. Stu tells me that I worry too much, but thatís just who I am. Probably the test wonít be half as bad as I am thinking and I will be really prepared. Then again thereís always the possibility the test could be incredibly hard and no amount of studying could prepare me for it. Either way I need to study some more!

My idea of writing diary entries as soon as something notable happens just hasnít been working. Lots of things have been going on recently and I guess that explains why I havenít had time to write. I sat down to write yesterday, but then I remembered the dynamics test and the first idea was forgotten. The good thing about these sparse entries is that they are long and it looks like I am a busy and productive woman. Most of the time I would say that is a correct appearance, but other times I am a lazy bum. I havenít had the time or the motivation to exercise in a long time so thatís kind of depressing. As soon as this week is over I will have more free time (at least for awhile) and I can spend it doing something other than study and worry.

On Monday night we had our Chi Connections activity in place of chapter at Alpha Chi Omega. I was only there for the important announcements because I had to go to a study session at 7:20 PM. The study session was for my intermediate engineering analysis test on Tuesday. Luckily our regular professor wasnít holding the meeting because we might not have gotten anything out of it! The test wasnít bad. I compared some of the answers with other people afterward and it looks like I knew what I was doing (as if there was ever any doubt). One major event for the week was over and I was happy.

Also on Tuesday night I had my Sigma Alpha Iota pinning ceremony at 8:30 PM. There are only five pledges this semester so we got a lot of time to talk amongst ourselves while waiting for the ceremony to begin. We got our regular pledge pins and our big sisters! My SAI big sister is Ammy, a friend of mine that I met about a year ago in class. It will be nice to have a big sister again since my Alpha Chi big sister, Jennifer, graduated in August 1997. Speaking of families, my Alpha Chi little sister isnít going to be getting a little sister this semester! At least thatís how it seems right now. I canít believe that not even Katherine got a little sister. Thereís no way I can get one at all this semester because any girls that join now will be given to the younger sisters who havenít taken a little yet. Maybe I can pick up a new little sister in the spring. I donít want all of the gifts I bought to go to waste and I donít want our family to die!

Last night I had to go to the Alpha Gamma Rho annual philanthropy, the Buck-Off. Alpha Chi Omega has won this event two years in a row and we were going to go all out to win again this year. Emmy and I went to the beginning of the Buck-Off, but we couldnít stay long because we had the dynamics test to study for. The main event of the Buck-Off is watching people ride the mechanical bull. Alpha Gamma Rho is kind of a cowboy house Ė hey, they have a plow on the outside of their house - so for them to hold this philanthropy was very appropriate. Anyway, I wasnít there for most of the happenings, but my sorority walked away with almost every award that was given. We won the overall trophy, the banner competition, and penny voting. The only thing we didnít win was the spirit competition, but we assume that award was given to another house because they didnít want to give everything to us. It makes sense.

That brings us to today. I have been studying like a mad woman so letís hope it all pays off. I really need to get back to work. I told myself I would be sitting in front of my books again at 11 PM and it is about that time. Add another long entry to my diary webpage. At least I have something to write about, right?