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November 4, 1999
A Break

It is 9:45 PM on this Thursday night and I am just hanging out here in my room with nothing to do (yet). I donít have any classes tomorrow because of the UF Homecoming festivities and that makes me very happy. I have a lot of homework to do this weekend for dynamics and fluid mechanics so that doesnít excite me. I guess I will have time during the football game on Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be devoted to homework too. Doesnít that sound like fun? At least the time before then is going to be fun. The first thing I have to do tomorrow is go to the homecoming parade at 1 PM. Gator Growl is tomorrow night (Iím not sure of the time on that) and that should be a blast. Iíll write a full report of the weekend on Sunday provided that I have enough time between homework assignments.

Stuart wanted to get some new clothes for his party on Saturday night so we went shopping. It wasnít like going to the mall or anything because we only went to Old Navy and Goodyís. I promised myself I wouldnít take a boyfriend shopping before we were engaged because it would scare him away, but this wasnít the same thing. Actually, Stu bought a pair of pants and I didnít get anything so thatís makes is rather humorous. For some reason all of the shirts at Old Navy that I liked were lacking any small sizes. I guess they had been picked over. Anyway, I enjoyed shopping with Stu and I tried not to bore him. Women are usually prefer to browse through stores while men know what they want and go directly to it. Itís a funny thing to think about.

Right now I am waiting for Stu to call and tell me whatís going on at his place. I have an overwhelming urge to be with him. I guess we havenít had much time together this week and I would like to spend some with him. When we donít get much time together itís like I get Stu withdrawal. Stupid schoolwork. He did come over to the house last night to work on our intermediate engineering analysis homework, but thatís not that same. Stuís friend RJ was supposed to have a party tonight, but it was cancelled. I canít wait for Stuís party on Saturday night. I get to dress up and look pretty and thatís always a lot of fun.

The weather here has been crazy. As with all Florida winter days it is pretty cold in the morning, but my mid-afternoon you donít need the jacket you put on earlier. Itís annoying sometimes. Recently you arenít sure whether it is going to be summer or winter weather. Yesterday it was cold all day, but today it was significantly warmer. In most places the weather makes up its mind and it will be cold everyday in the winter, but not in Florida. Everything is unpredictable between November and February. Last year the first cold day we had was during final exam week (mid-December), but we have had cold days already this year. Whatever.

OK, I guess itís time for my to get going. It is 10:15 PM now and I have no idea what I will be doing tonight. I am watching ďScent of a WomenĒ on TV waiting for the phone to ring. This movie is strange and sad. Anyway, I hope you guys are going to enjoy your weekend as much as I will mine.