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November 7, 1999
A UF Homecoming Story

It is now Sunday night and all of my homework is looming ahead of me. Emmy and I just finished watching the X-Files season premiere and working on our dynamics homework that is due on Wednesday. Neither of us can figure out the problems so we need to talk with other people about them. Our group is going to meet on Tuesday night to make sure we have worked all of them out. Apparently our dynamics group is now composed of five people, but the only ones I ever talk to are Stuart and Emmy. Anyway, we are getting along just fine with the three of us without outside help. By the way, even though I thought the X-Files show tonight wasnít that great it is going to be an interesting last season for the show! We all know Mulder and Scully love each other the question is what are they going to do about it? Think about it.

Besides the parade on Friday morning, the Homecoming activities I attended were great. I found out that we didnít have an Alpha Chi Omega float in the parade this year after I had already ventured over to the Delta Upsilon house to watch. If I had known that little fact beforehand I wouldnít have gone at all. I donít know if in years past the parades have been any more exciting, but this one was pretty dull. It lasted more than two hours and I left before it was over. I have a picture from the parade that I will post, but I am not looking my best so donít be critical! Gator Growl took place on Friday night in the football stadium. I was supposed to meet Stu and his crew (that rhymes) near the stadium at 7 PM, but no one showed up until 7:20 PM. I thought they had forgotten about me! In the end only Stu and one other girl showed up to meet me when I was expected a whole crowd. It turns out that everyone else got a ride to the stadium and forgot about keeping track of the group. Finally Stu showed up with my ticket and we joined the others who were already in their seats. The show was really funny. There were three comedians, the most well known one being Carrot Top, and all of them were on the ball with jokes written for a college audience. Stu and I though there was a little too much sexual humor, but that's probably what most of the students wanted to hear. I am glad I got the opportunity to go this year since I have not been in years past. I know that last year Ray Romano (I think I spelled that right) was the top-billed comedian, but he told jokes geared towards the parents and alumni that the students didnít find funny. People who didnít go to Gator Growl this year were disappointed because they heard that it was such a good show.

Yesterday was the actual homecoming football game against Vanderbilt and it wasnít an easy win for the Gators. In the last seconds of the fourth quarter Vandy had a chance to get a touchdown, but fortunately the defense kept that from happening. How sad would it be if we lost our own homecoming game? Since Penn State lost their game yesterday the Gators have a shot at the national championship this years. The biggest challenge of the season will come in two weeks when we play the Seminoles in the Swamp. I think that FSU has the disadvantage of playing away from home since the home field advantage has been prominent is years past between these two teams. Weíll see what happens, but I am rooting for the Gators all the way. I didnít go to the game yesterday and I tried to do some homework while otherwise unoccupied. Letís say I was pretty lazy. Stuís party was last night and I had a blast. I have decided that two glasses of Howieís famous lemonade mixture is about ideal for my drinking limit. I wasnít sick last night (well maybe a little, but not that bad) and that makes me very happy. Stu got pretty drunk. I was talking with him on the phone a little while ago and he told me he has been remembering things that happened last night sporadically during the day today. I think thatís pretty funny. The party wasnít that big (not huge like other parties this semester have been) and that was a good thing. I really enjoyed myself.

Now that I have told you about my whole weekend I had better get going. I have to finish my fluid mechanics homework that is due tomorrow and take a shower. Fortunately we have another four-day week this week (Thursday is Veteranís Day) so I get a little break. Alpha Chi is having a date function on Wednesday night so that will be fun. We are going to Orlando for a mystery theater dinner. If I knew exactly what that was I could elaborate on it for you, but I donít and I need to find out for Stuís sake. Maybe one of you reading this entry could tell me!