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November 2, 1999
Nothing to Do

What a strange feeling it is to not have a million things on your ďto doĒ list. The past three weeks have been killer for me and now that they are over I am left with an empty schedule! I do have an intermediate engineering analysis (IEA) homework assignment due on Thursday, but that doesnít have to be done right at this moment. This calmness wonít last very long so I am trying to enjoy every second. Today I fell asleep watching TV because I didnít have anything better to do. Isnít that a great feeling? I loved it, but believe it or not I am starting to wish I had something to do. I guess I get bored easily and I search for anything to occupy myself.

I spent the weekend to Tallahassee with my family. My good friend Danny was home from his tour at sea for the Merchant Marine Academy and I wanted to see him before he has to go back to New York. I got to see him, plus several other friends (Meghan, Jennifer, Anita, Liz, and Brianne) at a Halloween/birthday party for Jennifer. I was the only person there who hadnít dressed up, but since I didnít get the email about the party soon enough and since I donít have any costume resources in Tallahassee I was allowed at attend anyway. It was nice to see everyone again. I did get gather some gossip about everyoneís lives, but I donít think much of it is communicable here on my public webpage. Things change in life when you least expect them, and those of you who know what I am talking about can agree with that.

Stu was teasing me on Friday afternoon when I was sad to leave him after class. He laughed and said he would see me on Sunday and that the two-day separation was no big deal. Of course I agreed with him, but guess who called me on Friday night? He had found out about his grade on our dynamics test and wanted to vent his anger over the situation. Tomorrow I will find out how I did on that test as well as Fridayís fluid mechanics exam. I am not excited about that. Anyway, it made me feel really important because he missed me. I always miss him when we are apart and I hope he realizes that.

This week is homecoming week here at the University of Florida and Alpha Chi Omega is paired with Delta Upsilon for the duration. There are lots of activities this week and I am planning to make an appearance at a few of them. Come to think of it, there is an activity here at the house in about thirty minutes and we are going to have food! My metabolism has been working overtime recently and I have been hungry almost constantly. Nothing seems to fill me up and I get hungry shortly after every meal. It is starting to annoy me and I donít have any food here in my room. I need to go to the grocery store. Anyway, the homecoming parade is on Friday (we donít have classes that day) morning so I am going to go and finish up my roll of film there. I have a ticket for Gator Growl, the biggest UF homecoming event and I am excited to be going for the first time since I became a student here. I am not going to the football game on Saturday, however. Stu and his roommates are throwing a post-game party at their apartment on Saturday night and that is going to be a blast (as long as I donít drink way too much). I am awaiting the weekend merriment as we speak. Until then donít expect much out of me because I am going to be enjoying my free time to the fullest.