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October 27, 1999

It is Wednesday of another fast-paced week and, of course, I am exhausted. This morning I had a dynamics exam and that means I didnít get much sleep last night. I was studying at Stuís last night until 2 AM, then I got a much-needed cherry Coke at Steak and Shake before going home. I finally got into bed at 5 AM thinking that I was almost prepared for the exam. It turns out that I didnít need to study as much as I did, but I can only say that with hindsight so it doesnít mean much. There was one question on the exam and it concentrated on one issue that we covered since the last exam. I think I did all right, but weíll see the real result when the test grades come back.

Following the recent pattern this week has been another killer. After this week I am confident that things are going to calm down (in the academic sense) for at least a little while. Besides the dynamics test today I have a fluid mechanics exam on Friday and I need to start studying for that soon. Also I have some intermediate engineering analysis homework due tomorrow that needs tending to. This isnít going to be a social night, but I do plan to get a full nightís sleep (for a change). I have to work even harder during this part of the semester since I have established a pretty good record in all of my classes. Letís hope that I can get through the rest of the semester with my sanity and a reasonable grade point average.

I did have a fun weekend, though. Last Friday, after I made it through the latest crazy week, Stu and I made plans to go to dinner and a movie. We hadnít been on a date (so to speak) for awhile and it was fun. We saw ďAmerican BeautyĒ and had differing opinions about it. I thought it was a creepy movie that made me really glad I wasnít any one of those characters. Stu looked at it as a statement from the director that clearly got its message across. Anyway, I could have done without it. We also went to a party thrown by on of Stuís friends, but we didnít stay long because we had to get up early to go on the Destination Unknown.

We left the Gainesville Target parking lot around 8:15 AM not knowing where we were going, but having a pretty good idea that the destination was Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. We were right. Unfortunately Stu and I went there at the beginning of August, but we still had a lot of fun. We made sure to go on the rides we didnít ride the last time that we were there and go on all of the cools ones again. Islands of Adventure has some of the best roller coasters that I have ever been on and I am a roller coaster fanatic. We got back to Gainesville around 9 PM and Stu and I were both already ready to go to bed for the night. It made me feel old that a day at the theme park would affect me to that degree. Anyway, that was the end of Saturdayís excitement.


I just got back from studying at Stuís and it isnít even midnight! The only reason that happened was because our fluids test isnít until Friday and we have some time to study tomorrow. We both have to go to an 8:30 AM fluids class in the morning so we figured we should get some sleep before then. We got through all of the fluids homework problems and we came up with a list of questions to ask in class tomorrow. That should help us get ready for the test. I hope so, at least. I am exhausted. (I think I already said that once in this entry.) I still have to take a shower to get ready for bed, but it wonít take more than an hour for me to be in bed. I canít wait.