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November 16, 1999
Nothing Special

I havenít been the most interesting of people since I last posted an entry, but I figured there was enough substance for me to write about. It is a little after 9 PM on a Tuesday, I have a fluid mechanics homework assignment due tomorrow, I am waiting for a call from Stuart (which may or may not come through at all), and I canít think of anything better to do than write about my weekend.

Nothing happened on Saturday on my end of the spectrum. I cooked dinner on Friday night for Stu because he was sick (and coincidentally didnít go backpacking like I thought he was going to). Actually, I put some Stoufferís lasagna in the microwave for him, but that still counts as providing a meal as far as Iím concerned. Anyway, I spent Saturday by myself mostly doing homework. I had to do homework for dynamics (due Wednesday), fluid mechanics (due Monday), and intermediate engineering analysis (due Tuesday). I did get a lot done without any distractions, but it was a little lonely. Stu watched both the UF and Miami football games in the course of the day and I heard from him intermittently. On Sunday I had more definite plans. Members of AIAA got together to work on our project for the Engineering Fair. We are building a small wind tunnel and, let me tell you, it is taking a lot of work. We spent about six hours working on it on Sunday and I would say it is about halfway done. Itís pretty exciting to be a part of the team, even if my shoulders still hurt from a lot of manual labor.

I didnít realize discussing my entire weekend would only take a paragraph. Now what am I going to do?

This semester is getting old. I am ready to go home for Thanksgiving already and I still have a week to go before then. The combined effect of lots of classwork and emotional stress is wearing at my nerves and things arenít going to get better towards the end of the semester. I have had a hard time making it through the past few days. Sadly enough, even though I see my boyfriend everyday in class, I am lonely. I donít really know what has been in the way recently, but we havenít spent much time together away from schoolwork. I guess school is just a pain in the butt and thatís the end of it (no pun intended). I am going to go see if I can alleviate some of that pain by working on my fluids homework that is due tomorrow. I am going to call Stu also since he doesnít seem to be calling me.