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November 20, 1999
A Mix of Emotions

The atmosphere in Gainesville is downtrodden this evening. About an hour ago the Florida State football team beat our beloved Gators in the Swamp. I wasnít watching the game on TV because I didnít think I would be able to pay attention for the three and a half-hour span so I donít know what the final score was. I had a pizza delivered from Dominos just after the game was over and, strangely enough, they gave me a newspaper with it and there was a promotional poster for the game inside. Iím not sure if I want to keep it now! Frankly Iím not surprised that FSU won the game because they certainly have a better football team this year. The home field advantage is a key factor in the FSU/UF match-up, but I guess this year the better team overcame that disadvantage. The worst thing about this loss is giving up hope for a University of Florida national championship this year. Thatís just how things go.

Last night Stuartís neighbors (four of his friends) were having a party. It was a good way to unwind after a stressful week, but I wasnít really in a partying mood. I went shopping yesterday afternoon because I was convinced I didnít have a suitable outfit for the event. I wanted to find something that would knock Stuís socks off, but since I didnít find anything quite that exciting so I had to go for the next best thing I could find. I bought a silver tank top, some silver eye makeup, and a silver beaded scrunchie for my hair. Stu said I did indeed knock his socks off, but maybe he was just trying to make me feel good (and thatís OK). Compared to other parties I have been to at University Commons (the apartment complex where Stu lives) the one last night was rather small. I spent most to my time talking with my sweetie and thatís probably the best way it could have been spent.

After having some time with Stu last night I am feeling much better. I guess something last week was stressing us out and putting a strain on our relationship. Last Tuesday was our seven-month anniversary and thatís a nice thought. I took Stu out for an anniversary dinner at Fazolliís (his choice) on Wednesday so we got to celebrate a little. The temperature outside was too cold to get our usual Blizzard from Dairy Queen. (Sheesh, ice cream sounds really good right now even though I ate most of a small pizza about an hour ago. I am such a pig sometimes.) Anyway, I was glad to have some time with Stu on Wednesday and yesterday. I count every moment like that as a blessing.

This morning when I was driving home I was very lucky to get a parking space on sorority row. Someone was leaving just as I turned down the street. I may have had a parking problem otherwise because there were already so many people on campus for the 3:30 PM game at 10 AM. I have been trying to do homework most of the day, but I donít have much to show for my effort yet. I have finished a couple of my dynamics problems and thatís good because my group is meeting here tomorrow night. I still have fluid mechanics and space system design homework to do for Monday and thatís a little depressing. I also have to study for a fluids test on Wednesday. Even though this week is only three days long I have more work to do than for a week of regular length. My professors somehow want to squish a lot of work in before the break for Thanksgiving. I had better get back to work. I always seem to complain about how much work I have to do rather than just sitting down and doing it. OK, here I go.