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March 17, 2000
The End of a Long Week

I canít believe that it has been only one week since I got back to school from Spring Break. With all of the work I have been doing it feels like much longer, and I didnít even have a test this week! As soon as I turned in my astrodynamics project this afternoon (that I worked on most of the night) I was glad to see the beginning of the weekend approaching. Since I have an exam in circuits on Tuesday that I have to study for and three other assignments that are due on Monday my weekend is going to be full of textbooks and engineering paper. Stuart has gone home for the weekend so that leaves unlimited one-on-one time with my classes. Why does that make me feel so depressed?

I just got back from initiation shopping. Since I have two little sisters, Melissa and Amanda (I love them both), I have to get twice the gifts without making them feel like the gifts arenít personal enough. The main thing I had to do today was order their initiation champagne glasses at Thingís Remembered. Usually this is done for the big sisters, but this semester we have the extreme pleasure of doing it ourselves. This means that I have to go back to the mall on Sunday afternoon and pick them up. The good thing is that I got to pick out the glass and the engraving myself so they will be very nice. My initiation glass is very plain and itís hard to read the date on it. I was initiated into Alpha Chi Omega on October 17, 1997 Ė in case anyone wants to know. I also got cute baskets and candy for my little sisters at Wal-Mart. Too bad there are several other things I need to get and/or make before initiation next Saturday morning.

Stuart and I have now been together for eleven months. He brought me a dozen pink roses (my favorite) yesterday as a surprise. I didnít expect anything like that. His twenty-first birthday in four days before our one-year anniversary and I want to make it special for him. I got his birthday gift tonight at the mall and I know heís going to love it. You donít have that much longer to wait, Stu!

On a more professional note, I accepted a summer internship with Boeing this afternoon. The offer came on Monday, as can be read about in that particular dayís entry, but I wanted to at least talk to one of the recruiters for Pratt-Whitney before accepting. It turns out that Pratt-Whitney takes at least three weeks to hand out any internship offers and Boeing needed an answer from me by no later than this Monday. So I am definitely going to be working at Boeing in Huntington Beach, CA this summer from June 5 until August 18. It sounds like a lot of fun and I canít wait.

Now that the week is over I am going to relax for a little while before starting back on schoolwork. I made myself stay away from the third Harry Potter book since Tuesday (when I finished the second one) and now I am free to devour it. I know that I will have finished the book sometime tomorrow and that sounds good to me. Too bad the next book wonít be coming out until this summer. Now, if youíll excuse me, I am going to grab a Coke and curl up with a book about twelve year old wizards-in-training. Thatís my kind of fun!