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March 13, 2000
Great Things and Planning for the Future

As soon as I got back into my house yesterday the first thing I did was go through the many stacks of mail that were piled in the sister closet. I was looking for a letter from Boeing just in case they had sent me sometime about possible internships over spring break. To my dismay there was nothing. I had never heard whether my application had gotten to the right person the second time I sent it or whether everything on it was in order. This made me even more worried. I was counting on having an internship this summer, but what would I do if I didnít get any offers? I turned down a General Electric internship last semester because I didnít want to spend my summer doing aircraft engine testing (no offense, Stu) and now there might not be anything left. To my surprise an email I received this afternoon changed everything.

The message subject read ďOffer of EmploymentĒ and my heart skipped a beat. The email instructed me to call someone because they hadnít been able to leave a message on my answering machine (I have no idea why). The woman on the phone extended me an internship offer and gave me some details about what it would entail. The internship will be at the Boeing facility in the Los Angeles area and I will last from June 5 to August 18. That is cutting it a little close considering classes should start on August 21 (but I have heard otherwise). Although I was very excited to be the recipient of such an offer I told her that I was interviewing with Pratt Whitney this week and that I wanted to weigh all of my options before committing to anything. She understood and said that she needed to hear from me one way or the other by March 24. No problem. I am fairly sure that I will accept the internship, but I still would like to see what Pratt Whitney has to offer. Thereís no harm in that, right? I am so excited! As soon as I figure out what I am going to do I will make sure to post that decision here.

I have to register for my fall classes on March 30 and I just made a preliminary schedule of classes this afternoon. Being an engineering major I have to have my schedule signed by my advisor before I can register for classes to make sure I am staying on the right track. The university canít afford to have engineering students fall behind because that means we have to stay another whole year to get the right classes. I havenít had any problems yet, but this coming semester looks as if it will offer many of its own. Here is how my schedule might look for the fall.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 7:25-8:15          
2 8:30-9:20 Aero-Thermal Processes Experimental Methods Aero-Thermal Processes Experimental Methods Aero-Thermal Processes
3 9:35-10:25   Stability and Control   Stability and Control  
4 10:40-11:30 Aero Design Stability and Control Aero Design Stability and Control  
5 11:45-12:35 Stability and Control   Stability and Control    
6 12:50-1:40          
7 1:55-2:45 Aero Structures Experimental Methods Aero Structures   Aero Structures
8 3:00-3:50   Experimental Methods      

Thatís sixteen credit hours of unavoidable hardcore engineering courses. Thereís nothing I can do able the load no matter how much I kick and scream (or no matter what my mom says to try and change me mind about it). I am going to research an alternative to one of these classes, but right now I am posting this schedule because it is the one I will fall back on if all else fails. I am sure this list of classes will offer as much, if not more, work than the ones I am struggling with right now. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, but then I remember what my expertise and bachelorís degree will offer when I graduate. The Boeing internship offer was a wonderful reminder of what I am working for here.

Now that I have spent sufficient time typing at my computer it is time to get started on my homework. Unfortunately a lot of the work will require me sitting in front of my computer some more. I can just feel my butt getting bigger as I sit motionless for hours and eat junk food. I really need to go to the grocery store and get some better snacks. I have also spent a good deal of time this evening reading the fist Harry Potter book my J.K. Rowling. I love it so much that I can hardly make myself put the book down to get other work done. I have always loved to read and this just makes me remember the ultimate joy you feel when a book turns out just like you want it to (as if you had any say in it). Just writing about it makes me want to read more. I had better get going now or my grades will plummet even faster than they are already.