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August 15, 1999
Rush, Rush, Rush (unfinished)

We are getting down to the wire. Rush is starting tomorrow and we still have a lot of work to do. I guess I should first apologize for not updating my journal until now, but I have been really busy. Here is a short timeline of the events that transpired since I last wrote an entry.

  • Thursday, August 5 – my last day of work, my last entry until now
  • Friday, August 6 – went to lunch and a movie (“The Thomas Crown Affair”) with Jennifer and Brianne, frantically packed my stuff to leave for Gainesville
  • Saturday, August 7 – left Tallahassee for Gainesville at 10 AM, moved into my sorority house around noon with Stuart’s help, spent too much money at Wal-Mart for my room
  • Sunday, August 8 – the beginning of Pride Week here at UF, went to breakfast with Stuart’s family in Wildwood (an hour south of G’ville), first roll call for sorority Rush preparation, dress check to make sure we had all of our Rush clothes
  • Monday, August 9 – Rush stuff all day, went to Stuart’s to make banana bread at night
  • Tuesday, August 10 – Rush stuff all day, self defense class with my sisters in the afternoon at the Florida Karate Center
  • Wednesday, August 11 – our day off from Rush stuff, spent more money at Wal-Mart for my room, went to Stuart’s to hang out at night
  • Thursday, August 12 – major Rush preparation, worked hard to get ready for all four different rounds, held a mini slumber party in the rec room that night and watched “The Wedding Singer” while cutting out Greek letters out of poster board
  • Friday, August 13 – major Rush preparation, went to Stuart’s to hang out at night
  • Saturday, August 14 – major Rush preparation, Stuart went hiking with his sister in the afternoon (he’ll be back today), stayed up really late setting up the dining room for round 1 on Monday, made my scrapbook for round 3

    And that brings us to today. It is almost time for me to report for the first roll call of the day, fortunately it is almost 1 PM too. We got some time off this morning to relax. Finally I caught up on my sleep! I am anticipating a lot of work today because the first Rush party is scheduled for 9 AM tomorrow morning. I must admit that I’m a little nervous even though I have gone through rush on the sister side once already. After talking with other sisters I realize that I look at Rush differently than they do, though. When I was trying to get into a sorority I wasn’t nervous at all because I thought it was the chapter’s job to impress me. Now that I am a chapter member I think that it is my job to impress the rushee rather than the other way around. Maybe my ideas are backwards, but they seem to make more sense than the other way around. I had better get going or I will miss roll call ( a $10 fine). I will write more later.