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August 5, 1999
The End of this World (unfinished)

I am sitting here in my broken chair in front of this computer for the last time. The chair has been broken for about a week Ė at least thatís when I noticed it. The computer is broken too; it has a screwed up floppy disk drive. It is 10 AM and time for our morning break. I have learned a lot working here and I am grateful for the chance I got to do something useful this summer. How bored would I have been if I had been stuck in a secretarial job for six weeks? I was lucky to get a position where I can use my limited engineering knowledge and gain some more. The people I work with here are great and that is why I am going to miss my job. As soon as I leave this afternoon I have to start concentrating on getting back to Gainesville on Saturday morning. (Thatís after my last kick boxing class at 6 PM tonight, however.)

Stuart finally soloed yesterday at his flight lesson. It is so exciting that he is learning how to fly. I have wanted to do that since I was little, but I guess I have never thought seriously about it until recently. Maybe next summer I will have the time and the money to take flight lessons. My grandfather was a pilot in World War II and he has always been a supporter of my flight aspirations. Yesterday my mom said that I was ďthe grandson he never hadĒ in that respect. Anyway, the language of Stuís account of the solo on his webpage was very ecstatic. He has been looking forward to flying on his own for awhile. My dad said that when he was learning how to fly it was much easier when there wasnít an instructor sitting next to you. I can imagine you wouldnít be as nervous without someone watching your every move. I donít know how often Stu is going to be able to fly when classes start, but I do know that he wants his pilotís license eventually. Check out his webpage to read about all of his lessons and other stuff he has there. Notice that Iím not mentioned there at all! *pout*