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August 1, 1999
Blizzard Beach...or maybe not

This entry was written on Monday, August 2. This is what I can remember that needs to be recorded. I hope I don’t forget something important!

Of course we all overslept on Sunday morning – we’re college students, what do you expect? So at 8 AM we got up and got ready to head over to Blizzard Beach, the Disney water park. Jill, one of our party that is working at Disney this summer, said she could get us discount tickets for $15 so we were all about not paying full price. When we got to the park it turned out that we would have to pay full price (a little more than $20) due to an unforeseen technicality and most of our group didn’t want to spend that much. It wasn’t our first problem of the day, but it was by far the biggest. So we were dressed for a water park, but we ended up somewhere else.

Actually, we ended up at McDonald’s for breakfast. Let me be more specific – we ended up at the WORLD’S LARGEST McDonald’s for breakfast. Pretty prestigious, huh? I’m not even sure you could call it a McDonald’s because there were too many non-fast food sights there. A waterfall, an ice cream parlor, a video arcade, and a tourist information booth were among the strange characteristics of this McDonald’s. Anyway, after breakfast Stu and I decided that we would rather head back to Gainesville than wander around Orlando any longer. I finally got to change out of my bathing suit in the McDonald’s bathroom before leaving. On the way home I kept falling asleep and I felt really bad about it. I hate it when people sleep in the car while I am driving – especially when I am tired. Stuart said he didn’t mind, but it might have made me mad.

I reluctantly left Stuart’s apartment complex around 4 PM. I know that I will be seeing him again next Saturday, but after spending a few days with him I wasn’t too excited to leave. I never know what to say when I am trying to say goodbye. It seems that I come up with lots of random stuff to tell Stu just as soon as I am going to get into my car and drive away. I guess I am trying to prolong the visit just a few minutes so I can spend that much more time with him. My heart is so silly, but my brain likes to oblige its whims. No harm done, I guess. Even with all of the random stuff I thought of to tell Stu before I left I was back in Tallahassee around 6 PM.

Meghan called my house before I got home. Apparently Danny had gotten into Tallahassee on Thursday night and he had been there until Friday. On Friday he got a call saying that he was needed on a boat in the Mediterranean as soon as possible and he had to fly out of Tallahassee that day. Poor Meghan! At least she got to see him a little bit, I guess. I know I was looking forward to seeing Danny again, but I don’t have the same emotional attachment to him as Meghan does. He is almost definitely coming home in October before going back to school in November. I will have to plan to be home some weekend when he is in Tallahassee. We all miss him.

Back to work on Monday morning. I did get some of my Alpha Chi scrapbook done, but I was too tired to do very much. My dad and I are planning to go see “The Phantom Menace” again tomorrow night so I will be busy then. Come to think of it, I will be busy every night until I got back to Gainesville on Saturday. The summer has gone by so fast and soon it will be over. I wish I hadn’t waited until now to get most of my stuff done. Wish me luck! By the way, make sure to wish Dan Nordby a happy 21st birthday!