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July 8, 1999

I just read on the Internet that the Honda Accord is the number one most stolen car in the United States. Thatís pretty funny since my brother has one! You can learn a lot from just surfing crazy links on webpages.

The woman talking on NPR right now is an entertainment editor from the Tallahassee Democrat and she is talking about high school theater. Leon High School is opening a play tonight and she was saying that high school theater is just as good as adult theater. As a general rule I would agree with her since Lincoln always puts on very professional shows, but the ones from Leon are terrible! Last summer I went to see ďThe Wizard of OzĒ and I could hardly watch. I wanted to get up on stage, shove little Dorothy out of the way, and show them how itís done! Not that Iím any kind of actress, in fact I couldnít act my way out of a paper bag, but anything would be better than what I was seeing. It was a bunch of chorus members trying to act and even the singing wasnít that great. This year the Leon show is ďCarouselĒ and I am sure not going to see it! Anyone who has seen a Lincoln musical and a Leon musical knows the difference.


I had a lot of work to do today. Finally I got a job that took longer than a half-hour Ė in fact this one took me all day and Iím not even done yet. Let me tell you that drawing uniform ellipses for toilets isnít an easy thing to do! I am making a floor plan of an office and I had to put the bathroom fixtures in so that room would be distinguishable from the other rooms. I will have to finish it tomorrow. My head started to hurt after awhile because I am not used to staring at drawings all day. To make this floor plan I had to measure the distances from a hand drawing (made in 1990) and then used AutoCAD to put it on the computer. Then came the doors, air ducts, and fixtures. Itís not the easiest thing to do.

Meghan and I went to kick boxing again tonight. I guess this is our third class and I have really enjoyed it so far. Tonight we worked on our shoulder muscles so I am feeling a little sore already. My problem is that I am seriously uncoordinated and it takes me awhile to figure out what I am doing. Tonight I screwed up the simplest stuff and I felt really dumb. However, I am pretty good at other stuff because of all my dance experience. The instructor says that Meghan and I arenít getting enough out of the class because we donít show that we are in pain, but believe me, it hurts! I have been in ballet class for so long where you couldnít show pain no matter how much it hurt. Thatís just what I am used to. There are some older women in the class and they are in better shape than I am! Pretty depressing, huh? Just think how good I am going to look if I continue to go to the class? Good thing too since I am planning to go to the beach in two weeks.

Speaking of the beach, I got a hotel room for Meghan, Kathe, and me in St. Augustine in two weeks. We will be there the nights of the 23rd and the 24th. I am excited! We are going to go to the beach, going shopping, and maybe going to a club. Weíll see. My mom and I are going bathing suit shopping this weekend so wish me luck. It should be interesting. We watched a swimsuit special on E! last night so maybe we have some idea of what to look for.