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July 23, 1999
An Unexpected Entry

OK, so at first I said I wasnít going to write an entry for today until I got back from my trip, but I have a few things to mention now. It is not even 8:30 AM yet so please excuse any grammatical errors you encounter here. If I think of anything else that needs to be written about today I will add it on Sunday. So check this page again then to see what I thought of.

First of all, Kathe has decided not to come with Meghan and me to St. Augustine this weekend. Actually she didnít tell me this, however, until I called her last night. The funny thing is that she sent me an email saying that she WAS planning to join us, but the email was from yesterday afternoon. I guess she changed her mind in a matter of the few hours between the email and the phone call. Whatever. Meghan and I decided that a trip where we can go to the beach, shop, and go sightseeing sound great even if there is only going to be two of us. By the way, I havenít packed much for the trip yet so I will have to scramble when I get home. As always I am going to forget something (I always seem to do it), but letís hope it isnít something really important.

AutoCAD isnít cooperating with me this morning. I thought you guys would like to know. My stupid mouse doesnít like to move very fast and it makes me frustrated sometimes.

My Written Journal Entry from Friday - sorry it took so long for me to post it

Meghan and I got off I-95 at the Cafť Erotica, so we thought we would drop by for a visitÖ Just kidding, but the first part of that is accurate. The Cafť Erotica is indeed at the junction of I-95 and stateroad 312. You know you are in the vicinity of central Florida when signs proclaiming ďAdult ToysĒ or ďCouples WelcomeĒ come into view along the highway. Itís just a mark of the transition between Southern culture and whatever you would call the aura of south Florida.

It rained like crazy on the way to St. Augustine so the drive wasnít that fun. During some of the worst downpours I think our top speed was somewhere around 40 mph. I didnít have to pull over because the really heavy rain didnít last for very long, but I did get a little anxious even so. We found the hotel around 10 PM after a few wrong turns and false alarms. Actually there is a funny story concerning the hotel. My mom called the number of the hotel I thought I had gotten reservations at so she could get better directions, but she found out that it didnít exist anymore. She called me at work and of course I was pretty upset because I may not have booked a room for the trip. After a few more calls it turns out that I got reservations for the Holiday Inn in St. Augustine Beach rather than the downtown hotel, but thatís not what I thought had happened. Luckily the hotel we did get reservations for is on the beach so Meghan and I donít have to drive anywhere to perfect our tans. I am looking forward to the benefits of the sun and salt water tomorrow.