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July 22, 1999
Orthodontic Ordeals (part 3) and Other Stuff

Well, I am almost done with my regular visits to the dentist. Today I went in at 9 AM with those stupid plastic temporary veneers on my teeth and left with permanent porcelain replacements. They look great from what I can tell. My upper lip is still numb from this morning, but the novocaine is starting wear off now so I should be able to tell you more when I am back to normal. The worst part of the visit this morning was listening to the dentist rip off the temporaries. I couldnít feel anything, but the sound out breaking plastic and the pressure on my real teeth were awful. I have to go back next Wednesday night to get a new night guard so I wonít grind down my teeth while I sleep. Most of this ordeal is over now so this may be the last thing I write about it for awhile (I hope).

Here are the three funny things the dentist told me that I can't do, even with the strong porcelain veneers on my teeth now. I almost laughed when he told me this, but I am sure he was kidding. Myabe he really thought I would do this stuff!
1) Open beer bottles with my teeth (can you see that?)
2) Open McDonald's ketchup packets with my teeth
3) Bite off new clothing price tags with my teeth

Before I went to the dentist I took my car to get the oil changed at Super Lube. One of the mechanics was trying to flirt with me because when I left he said, ďYou have an exceptional day today, Miss Gleason!Ē Should I be flattered? I guess so, but I think those guys at Super Lube ham up the oil change to make themselves look good. I almost laughed because all of their yelling was getting silly before I left. Anyway, when I went to the dentist there was a guy there who had also been at Super Lube getting his carís oil changed! I would venture his age to be in the late 20s or early 30s, but he was flirting with me anyway. When he walked into the office I was reading a magazine, but he didnít think that was any reason not to pepper me with questions and comments. I talked with him a little to be polite, but some people donít realize that when a person is trying to read they donít really want to talk to a stranger. Sheesh. I thought it was a funny coincidence meeting this guy twice in one morning, but not funny enough to spend the time talking with him about random stuff. That sounds rude, but itís what I think!

Stuart called me last night! He was in Gainesville already, but I didnít expect him to be there at the time. By the way, he was the person from Michigan who was reading my diary this week and he did remember our three-month anniversary. What a great guy. He had a good trip and since he had a flight lesson the next afternoon he was in a good mood. I really missed being able to contact him so what a wonderful surprise to hear his voice on the other end of the line when I answered the phone last night. Next weekend we are going to Orlando with a bunch of other people so I will be driving down to Gainesville on Friday evening. Yeah!

Meghan and I got to kick boxing only for the last half-hour on Tuesday so I told her I would drive today. My biggest problem is that I have already paid for these classes and I hate to miss them for that reason. Also, considering that we are going to St. Augustine tomorrow I need to work out! On Tuesday we had to drop her ďlittleĒ brother (heís actually pretty big) off somewhere that wasnít remotely on our way to class so thatís why we were so late. I am really enjoying kick boxing and I wish I could continue during the year, but driving to Tallahassee twice a week wouldnít be the best idea, huh?

My nose is itching as the novocaine is wearing off. My teeth are throbbing too, but I think that goes without saying.

Well, I am still planning to go to St. Augustine tomorrow evening, but I donít know exactly who is going with me! I havenít heard from Kathe since last Saturday, but I also havenít checked my ICQ messages in a few days. I am going to see Meghan this afternoon and I think she has gotten he affairs in order enough to take off for the weekend. My task for tonight is to apply the awful fake tan Ė certainly not my favorite task. I hate the way that stuff smells, but I do want to be beautiful!

By the way, since I will be on vacation until Sunday there won't be any updates until porbably Monday morning. Please come back then and read about our adventures!