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June 23, 1999
Miscellaneous Topics

From my two doctor’s appointments yesterday I got 5 prescriptions that needed to be filled today. My mom and I went to Wal-Mart before lunch to do that, but we got more done at the shoe store! I have a favorite pair of brown sandals that I was planning to wear for sorority Rush in early August, but that means I can’t wear them until then in case they get messed up somehow. Luckily the same sandals were on sale at Shoe Station when we looked today (and that is amazing because they are more than a year old). Now I can wear my other pair and save the new ones for Rush. I also got a pair of black sandals that are the first edition to my prospective “clubbing” wardrobe. Kathe and I are planning to shop for more clubbing clothes soon. At the shoe store, when we were paying for the shoes, the cashier was talking to a friend about going to Gainesville to see a band perform, but she didn’t know how to get there. I told her that I could give her directions, and since she needed to know how to get to the Covered Dish that was easy (I have been there with my brother). I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Besides the prescriptions from Wal-Mart, my mom and I got me a new dress pattern and material for the dress pattern. I shall have to keep you updated with our adventures in sewing. We have attempted several articles of clothing over the last few years and none of them have turned out correctly. Stay tuned for more as the situation progresses. When we were buying the material my mom asked the craft section employee what size she should cut out for me. On the pattern package my measurements don’t fit any one size and my mom was wondering what she should do. I told the lady that there was no way I had a 24-inch waist, and she thought I meant that there was no way I was that large! What I was trying to say was even when I was really skinny in high school I only had a 25-inch waist. So this woman took her measuring tape and told me my waist was 26.5 inches. That’s about what I expected, but she was pretty insulting since she didn’t understand what I was saying. I don’t just go around saying, “There’s no way I could be that big!” I have a pretty good idea of my measurements. Let’s just hope that the dress pattern can accommodate them!

I am still trying to get a job. My dad told me to call the personnel office at the Board of Regents and see if they had any OPS positions available for some short-term employment. It turns out that they don’t hire relatives of current employees, but the woman I talked with told me to call FSU or the Department of Education to see if maybe they could help me. Earlier this afternoon I called every major bookstore in town and none of them are hiring at this time. I am looking for a job that requires no training period because I have less than seven weeks before I have to move back to Gainesville for the fall semester. My parents do pay my brother and me for doing work around the house, and I cleaned the house today, so at least I am making a little money and spending even less. If any poor college students are reading this, I feel your pain! Somehow I have to find money for my books for next semester plus I need a lot to buy presents for my sorority “family” members for upcoming events. I would like to be able to keep my savings account untouched for awhile since I had to transfer some funds to pay for my summer tuition. At least I am getting some scholarship money in August and more in November. I can defer my sorority dues payments until I get the money in November.

I got notice that Stuart has posted part of his work on his new webpage design! It doesn't have too many components yet, but it looks good so far. Check it out at Don't you love the little "About me" guy? I can't wait to see what else is in store.