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September 11, 1999
New Things and Old Things

It is almost 9:30 PM on a Saturday night and I am sitting here in front of my computer in my pajamas. Donít feel sorry for me Ė Iím going to a party later, but I havenít gotten ready yet. The UF football game against UCF isnít over yet and most of the people I know are there right now. I just donít have much interest in most of the games. Anyway, when Stu gets home he is supposed to call me and let me know whatís going on. Earlier this afternoon I went to a tailgating party across the street with Stu and a bunch of other people. Too bad it is really hot in Florida in September. Iíll bet the game was scorching, at least at the beginning.

Yesterday I officially became a pledge in Sigma Alpha Iota. If you havenít read any of my pervious entries I rushed the music sorority last week and I just received a bid. When I went to the formal Rush activity on Thursday night the vice president in charge of membership said that we were pretty much guaranteed a bid. As for as I know there are five pledges for this semester. I know two of them Ė Sabrina who used to be in Alpha Chi Omega and Melissa Mariscal who graduated from Lincoln in 1996. I have a feeling I am going to get to know them really well; thatís what happened within my pledge class here at Alpha Chi. I am very happy about joining this organization and the others of which I have recently become a member. This is going to be an exciting year. These new activities are the ďnew thingsĒ I mentioned in the title of this entry.

Next week is going to be crazy academically. I spent last night working on my fluid mechanics homework and studying for the test on Monday. I canít believe that I have homework due in fluids when we have a test on the same day! Come to think of it, I also have a test in engineering analysis on Thursday and we have homework due then too. Why donít professors realize these things? This morning when I woke up I started studying for fluids again. At this point I think I have finished the homework that is due Monday and I am almost done studying for the test. Letís hope I am right on both points. Other things I have to do this weekend: dynamics homework (we have a group meeting tomorrow night at 7 PM), reading for space systems design (for Monday), project for space systems design (for Wednesday), engineering analysis homework, (due Thursday), etc. As soon as I think of more things I need to do Iíll go a little bit crazier than I am right now. Academics are the ďold thingsĒ from the title.

I am very glad to have some time this weekend to spend with my boyfriend that doesnít involve academics. We have talked of little else for a week. On Thursday night I went over to Stuís apartment to watch the MTV Music Video Awards and just hang out. At first we planned to do some homework, but I did my best to forget about that plan as soon as I got over there. It worked and I enjoyed not doing much of anything as long as Stu was with me. Tomorrow we have a lot of schoolwork to do so I need to savor the non-academic time we have together before then. I know it will go by really fast. All right, it is now 10 PM and I guess I had better start getting ready to go to the party. What am I going to wear? (Thatís the ultimate question.) I hope you guys are having fun this weekend too and you donít have as much homework to do I as I have. Enjoy yourself and Iím going to do the same.