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September 8, 1999
What's Going On?

It has been a few days since my last entry so I thought I would write a little bit to tell you guys what has been going on since last I updated. We are in the middle of another week of classes here at the University of Florida and I am completely exhausted. It is 7:15 PM on a Wednesday night and I canít get my mind off my ďto doĒ list. It is getting longer by the minute so maybe I should try to stop thinking about it or it will keep growing. To explain to you why I donít have much free time here is my homework schedule for each week:

Monday Ė fluid mechanics homework due
Tuesday Ė nothing due (starting this week)
Wednesday Ė fluid mechanics and dynamics homework due
Thursday Ė intermediate engineering analysis homework due
Friday Ė fluid mechanics homework due

Doesnít that sound like fun! (By the way, it just started raining so it looks like I got home just in time!) I spend almost all of my spare time working on homework during the week. (Ug. The fire alarm at my house just went off due to a lightening strike. We spent twenty minutes out in the rain waiting for someone to get here to take care of it. Finally our president, our house mom, and the firefighters showed up at the same time. The crisis was averted.) Anyway, back to my homework. Yes, I have a lot of it, and I guess thatís about all there is to say about that. As soon as the tests in my classes start I will have something new to academically complain about.

When I got back to Gainesville on Monday I went to a potluck dinner for Sigma Alpha Iota, the music sorority. My roommate from my freshman year, Rebecca, and my friend Ammy are both members. Ammy has highly encouraged me to join so weíll see what happens. The dinner on Monday was a lot of fun and I got to meet many of the members. Formal Rush starts tomorrow night so Iíll have more information to relate after that.

After my 3-5 PM chorus class this afternoon/evening I went over to the aerospace building for the first American Institute of Aerospace and Aeronautics (AIAA) of the semester. It was pretty much an informational meeting other than anything else. The offer of free food brought several people out to the meeting! Lots of stuff is going on soon that I need to be concerned with, such as the Career and Internship Fair next week. I am in the process of searching for an internship for this coming summer so maybe I will have some luck there.

Not that much else is happening right now. I am in the middle of my intermediate engineering analysis homework and it is very frustrating. Some of these integrals seem to last forever and I canít solve them fast enough to suit my expectations. Let me just tell you that quality time is a hard thing to come by, so when you get some make the most of it. It makes me sad sometimes that I canít seem to find any. I know that life has to be a series of joys and disappointments, but when you get a lot of the latter at the same time things arenít a lot of fun. As soon as something surprisingly uplifting happens in my life youíll know about it - quickly.