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August 28, 1999

It is 10 PM on a Saturday night and I am sitting in my room, finishing my dynamics and fluid mechanics homework problems that are due on Monday, and watching ďThe Real WorldĒ on TV. Isnít that what a college student should be doing? I enjoy my alone time as much as I enjoy spending time with my friends and, besides, I went to a party last night! Stuartís friend Manuel, who lives in the apartment behind him, was celebrating his birthday with a really big party on the first Friday on the fall semester. Let me tell you, it was one crazy affair. Stu and I got there around 10:45 PM and they were just starting out. At first I knew most of the people at the party because I had met them before or I had gone to Orlando with them a few weeks ago. A little bit later the apartment was full of people I didnít know dancing, drinking, and making the room really toasty. I saw some of my sisters at the party, including one of the new members that I rushed. She is such a cutie. Meeting new people has been really good for me.

People who know me pretty well know that I am not much for drinking, but I donít have anything against it. On Thursday Stu asked me if I would be drinking at the party and I told him that depended on what there was to drink. Since there were so many people there last night I only got one drink and it hardly affected me at all. I had a glass of Howieís ďfamousĒ lemonade. He warned me not to drink too much because it was stronger than it seemed, but since I only had one glass I just got a little bit dizzy. At one point I tripped over my shoes and I think I can attribute that to the alcohol. Maybe I have no idea what Iím talking about, but since it was my first experience with much alcohol at all itís all I have to go on. I had a good time last night. Stu and I ended up sitting in his apartment most of the time talking with other people who didnít want to brave he crowd next door. I was glad to spend a little time with my boyfriend outside of class since we donít get to do that too often. It made me really happy.

Today has been rather unproductive other than getting most of my homework done. Our Alpha Chi house retreat tonight was nothing more than a long meeting. We discussed our goals for the semester and went over the house rules for the new membersí sakes. To tell you the truth I didnít hear anything that I hadnít heard before except for our new chapter proceedings. I did get to meet some of the new members, though, and that will be really beneficial if I am able to take another little sister this semester. We have to meet back at the house tomorrow at 3 PM for a hazing presentation. Exciting stuff, huh? Thatís about the extent of my weekend so far. I donít see it getting much more thrilling by tomorrow, but if it does youíll be the first to know.