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August 27, 1999

Today hasnít been the best of days. I hate it when people complain about how bad things are going for then, but this is my webpage so youíll have to give me a break this time. Just a few minutes ago I got a message on my answering machine from Stuart that he left almost thirty minutes ago. I left my room about five minutes before he called, according to his message, and I am really upset I missed him. I was looking forward to spending some time with my boyfriend out of class and I missed this opportunity. I called Stuís apartment as soon as I heard the message but his roommate told me he had already left. We were planning to go to the opening UF soccer game tonight.

OK, things just got a little better. My phone rang and it was Stu from the soccer game. He said it is really packed at the stadium, but it is really hot too. What can you expect at 7 PM on an August evening in Florida? Iím still mad that I didnít get his first message sooner, but Iíll get over it. Today just hasnít been a great day (as I said before).

I guess I should mention that I have developed a wonderful cold from the sore throat I have had since last Sunday. As of yesterday I thought I might have strep throat because I didnít have any other symptoms of a cold and my throat looked pretty bad. However, when I woke up congested this morning I knew that I was wrong and I had a cold after all. I have been taking massive amounts of vitamin C (2000 mg/day) since last Sunday but I donít see that it helped very much. Having to go to class feeling sick is really a pain so I hope I get over this cold by Monday. In fluid mechanics this afternoon I could hardly keep my eyes open. As soon as I got home I slept for a little more than three hours. It wasnít a very restful sleep, but I feel better.

Here are a few other things that have contributed to my not-so-good day:
1) Stuart knows too many girls. Yes, I know this sounds stupid, but it is enough to make any girl self-conscious when her boyfriend talks to several different girls when she is around. Not that he is doing anything wrong Ė please donít take it that way.
2) I had fluid mechanics homework due today and I was still debating the correct answers with a couple of other people right before we turned it in. Also I messed up on a few of the questions and had to let people correct my mistakes.
3) It is really hot outside. Walking to and from classes has been a pain this week. It is over eighty degrees when I am going to my 9:30 AM class and much hotter later in the day. Arriving at class hot and sweaty isnít my idea of fun Ė especially when I have to sit in a cold classroom for an hour and my boyfriend has to see me looking gross.

OK, I am done complaining now. The only definite plan I have for the weekend is an Alpha Chi Omega retreat. I havenít been to dinner all week for various reasons, but I know that we all have to meet at the house tomorrow night at 5 PM. The exec board hasnít told us what we are doing yet so that should be interesting. I think we are trying to bring our new members closer into the group and this is probably a good idea with that as the goal. Since I know you guys are all in such suspense about the surprise activity I will make sure to write about it tomorrow. Donít hold your breath, though, I donít think it will be super exciting.