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August 23, 1999
Fall 1999, Day One

One down, about 85 to go, but thatís just a round number estimate of the number of class days I have left in this semester. I got the Peanuts comic strip above a few months ago and I thought it was hilarious. Whoíd have thought that I would have to take classes in college? Actually I enjoy going to class and learning all this stuff I am interested in. Call me crazy but I love school.

I had four classes this morning starting at 9:35 AM. First there was dynamics (EGM 3401) during third period and then space systems design (EAS 4530) during fourth period. After an hour break for lunch during fifth period I went to fluid mechanics (EGN 3353C) sixth period. Stuart is in all of these classes with me, Emmy is in dynamics with us, Ammy (a girl I know from other classes) is in fluid mechanics with us, and several other people I recognize were scattered around. In those three classes the instructors have all decided that working in groups is the way to go. Lots of homework is also the way to go. I donít know if I am happy about that yet or not Ė Iíll update the situation as soon as I figure it out. During our break from class Stu and I went to the bookstore to look for the two books we hadnít bought yet. They were there all right, but they were expensive. Even the little used book for space systems was sixty dollars and the book for our class tomorrow (intermediate engineering analysis) was about ninety dollars. I canít wait to deposit my paycheck and get my money from the Bright Futures scholarship soon.

After another hour break I went to womenís chorus (MUN 1320). It has been two years since I sang with a legitimate group and I am kind of worried about how my voice is going to sound. It was OK today, but we only did a little bit of singing. As long as I can prove that I am still a first soprano I will be happy. The director was calling roll and when he got to my name he said, ďHow is it that it took us this long for you to start singing?Ē I guess the roll sheet listed me as a senior and he didnít know that I still have two years left as an undergraduate. I just covered my face with my hands and said, ďI donít know!Ē Count on me to try and be funny. One of the girls in the class made an announcement about Sigma Alpha Iota, the vocal music sorority, and their fall Rush that is going on next week. Ammy is a member of SAI and she really wants me to join also. The catch is that you have to be in a chorus class every semester. I might rush since I only have four semesters left and I think I can meet that requirement. Iíll have to give it some more thought.

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The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and now it is almost time for me to go to bed. I didnít go to dinner because I thought it would be crowded with all the new members and their guests. Apparently it wasnít that bad and I missed the chocolate cake. Donít worry, I got some after dinner was over. I only have one class tomorrow and it isnít until 3 PM so I get to sleep in! Good night.