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October 8, 1999
It's a Wonderful Life

Now is my time to write another little bit about my boyfriend. I canít imagine how I am the lucky one that he bestows his attentions upon! As they say in The Sound of Music, ďI must have done something good.Ē Today in class I got upset over something very small, but Stu asked about three times if I was mad at him. I really wasnít mad so I said no and thought he would believe me. When I was in my room about thirty minutes after we parted company my phone rings and the voice on the other line asks what he did to make me mad. I know Stu wouldnít worry about upsetting me if he didnít care about me. What a wonderful feeling to know he cares that much.

Right now I am home in Tallahassee sitting in front of my familyís antiquated Macintosh computer and wishing I could be with Stu. Itís funny to think that over the summer we once went a month without seeing each other and now two days seems like a long time apart. This semester we are used to seeing each other for at least a couple of hours everyday, even if it is in class. We also plan our weekends so we see each other a lot. So much togetherness that now we are not used to spending a few days away from each other. I miss him already and it has only been nine hours. What girl wouldnít miss a guy like the one I have? Our six month anniversary is next Saturday and I have a surprise for Stu. He already knows that there is going to be a surprise, but he doesnít know what it is. Youíll just have to wait until then, baby!

Speaking of surprises, Stu sent me an email last night that was cute. It read ďI love you with all my...Ē and then indicated a URL. Here is the picture that the URL pointed to:

Cute, huh? It made me smile. Stu told me he looked around for an even more realistic heart, but that might have just grossed me out. Thanks for the note, Stu. It really made my day.

As I mentioned earlier I am spending the weekend at home in Tallahassee. The problem with this little excursion is that I have three big homework assignments to do for Monday and I never get much work done here. I love to go shopping with my mom and , of course, we will spend most of tomorrow doing just that. Tomorrow night will be my allotted time to study, however. If I put my mind to it I can make myself get some work done. Iíll sit down in front of the TV, turn a movie that I donít need to watch to know whatís going on (Star Wars usually works in this case), and do some manner of schoolwork. I know that doesnít sound like a good way to get work done, but thatís what works for me. Iím the kind of person who needs another distraction to keep on track. When I try to work in a quiet environment I try to find something else to do besides my homework. Crazy, I know, but my mind seems to work that way.

I do apologize for not writing an entry during the week. I started one a couple of days ago, but I realized there wasnít much I could talk about. Life has been a routine lately and I couldnít find a way to make that routine interesting enough to read about. For some reason I get a good writing mind set whenever I am in front of this old computer. Maybe I reflect on things more when I am at home and not surrounded by the daily aspects of my life. Or maybe I am just trying to find a way to fill the time after my parents go to bed. My brother, Kenneth, just got home for the night. It is only 11:30 PM! Iím surprised (and still awake), but my parents are sound asleep.Iím kind of tired myself. Getting a good nightís sleep would be a first for this week so maybe I should take advantage of that. Good night to everyone in Gatorville, all of my faithful readers, and especially my angel named Stuart.