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October 2, 1999
An Overtime Loss

The University if Florida football team just lost to Alabama to end the longest home game winning streak in college football. What a disappointment it is. This game was looked upon as another routine pairing with a lower-ranked team. Maybe the players didnít take their job as seriously as they should have, but whatever the reason, UFís chance to win the national championship just became harder to realize. I was out of my room during the end of the game and Stu called and left a message on my answering machine that said something like this: ďLauren, they lost! They lost to Alabama! Talk to ya later.Ē It was funny. He had a ticket for the game, but he left at halftime because it was so hot today and the game started at 3:30 PM. Whatís so strange is that this loss comes only two weeks after the great win over Tennessee by only two points. The rest of the football season should be interesting.

Yet again, so much for me keeping up with my journal entries better. This past week was probably, for me, the busiest yet of the semester. Iíll try and give you a short overview, starting on Tuesday since I wrote an entry on Monday night. As I mentioned in that entry, on Tuesday I had to tell Ammy I dropped out of Sigma Alpha Iota. I have a feeling someone had told her already (even though I told Ruthie I wanted to tell her myself) because she didnít seem too surprised. We made plans to go to Dairy Queen on Wednesday night for 99-cent Blizzards. Whatís funny is that I havenít talked with her since Tuesday in class. I missed fluid mechanics on Wednesday, she didnít go to engineering analysis on Thursday, and we didnít talk at all on Friday when we were both in class. I donít know whatís going on.

Hereís an abbreviated schedule of what I did on Wednesday. At 8:30 AM I left my house dressed in my business suit for the Career and Internship Fair. Between 9:35 and 11:30 AM I was in class. From 11:30 AM until 2:15 PM I was either at the internship fair, eating lunch, or walking around campus in the stifling heat. Of course I was wearing my suit with pantyhose and that didnít help with the heat problem. Anyway, I gave out six resumes at the internship fair so I hope I can get some internship offers this way. I finally got home from class at 5 PM and left shortly after that for Evening with Industry, a Society of Women Engineers event where recruiters and students can discuss employment opportunities in a more casual setting. Thatís the most important stuff that happened on Wednesday. I went over to Stuís that night to work on homework and we actually got some done! Usually we just goof off.

On Thursday morning I had an interview with a General Electric (GE) recruiter. I talked with him about a possible summer internship. Stu and I had our interviews with the same guy and he was really excited about having aerospace engineers there. To tell you the truth it doesnít sound like something that would be my first choice as a summer job, but who knows. I wonít be hearing back from GE for a few weeks, but when I do youíll hear about it. After all of my homework was done for the week things started to slow down. I got a 98 on my dynamics test even after thinking I had failed. What a nice surprise.

Last night I went to a party that some on Stuís friends were having in the next apartment. I only had one drink because I was worried about getting sick like at the last party. Most of the time I was hanging out with Stu and a few other people in his apartment. Spending time with Stu outside of class was wonderful this week. I havenít taken enough time recently to talk about how great my boyfriend is, so let me just tell you that he has got to be the most amazing guy Iíve ever known. Eat your heart out girls! This one is mine. I have been in a really good mood most of the week because I have gotten to be with him a lot and nothing makes me happier that that.

So here I am now sitting in from of my computer at 8:30 PM after spending almost all day doing homework. My attention span has narrowed down to a few minutes and I am having trouble getting through problems without getting distracted. (Thanks a lot, Stu.) So I am taking a little break to type up this entry. I guess my break is about over and I need to get back to work. I have a fluid mechanics test on Monday that I am very worried about plus the usual dynamics homework. Arenít I lucky? In some ways I am very lucky (as with my boyfriend, that I already mentioned), but when it comes to schoolwork things are different. Maybe someday that will change Ė or maybe not.