June 27, 1999
The Joys of Life

I hate shopping for clothes. Whatever I like doesn’t fit me, and whatever fits me I don’t like. It’s a vicious circle that the fashion and retail industries use to keep me coming back. I went to the mall with Kathe yesterday, but I didn’t buy anything. There were several things I like at Burdines, but I had forgotten to bring my gift certificate with me and I planned to come back. My mom and I did go back today and none of the things I spotted yesterday were acceptable. It gets very frustrating after you have tried on several dresses and none of them are right. My mom knows that when this happens she need to feed me because I get cranky when I am hungry. I left Burdines with nothing. (I went back and bought a pair of pants later. Kathe, I bought black pants! Hee hee.)

Yesterday at the mall Kathe bought a bunch of stuff. Our goal was to find some “clubbing” clothes, and I guess we were semi-successful because Kathe got her black pants then. My sorority sisters are funny when they dress up to go out the clubs. They don’t want to wear black pants because “every other girl will be wearing the same black pants!” Now Kathe and I have become part of that group – we both have black pants. Our next project should be to find a place to wear our new clothes! That’s a tall order here in Hicktown, USA. Kathe, Meghan, and I may be planning a trip out of town soon, though, and then we will need some good club clothes.

My mom and I were at Target this afternoon (buying a graduation gift for Allen, no less) when we ran into a friend of hers. I told her about my plight in the job hunt and she recommended a temporary employment agency that her daughter had used before. I am going to call in the morning. If I can’t find a job or something I simply don’t know what I will do with myself! I can only hope that the meeting today was fortuitous and I can find some occupation from it. Starting next week, though, I have my first of three dentist appointments that promise to be really fun. I have also thought about taking a lifeguarding course while I am at home, but I have decided to give up my dream of going to summer camp for a little while. It seems impractical for the time being. Perhaps I can bring that idea back to light for the summer after I graduate from UF, because I would hate to give up on it entirely.

I just got an ICQ message from Stuart. I haven’t gotten an email from him since Friday night so I was beginning to think he had forgotten about me! Apparently getting back to Gainesville was not that fun (in his words, it “was a pain in my ass”) but he is there now and he is safe. Stu promised to tell me all about it later, so maybe it will turn out to be a good story. Maybe it will be a story worthy of tomorrow.