June 24, 1999
Missing Pieces

When I first saw you I already knew
There was something inside of you
Something I thought that I would never find
Angel of mine
-Monica, “Angel of Mine”

The other night as I was about to go to sleep I heard that song on the radio. I closed my eyes and it sounded like the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. Maybe I was in some emotional state, but something was certainly effecting my brain at that moment. It sounded like she was talking about me.

Stuart called me this afternoon. Last night we were chatting on ICQ and he asked if I would be home today so he could call. He said that he missed talking to me. That made me feel good. I was surprised to hear his voice of the other end of the phone when it rang at 2:30 PM, however. Stu is going home to Tampa this weekend to deliver his sister’s car there and visit his family for a few days. His faculty advisor for his internship, Dr. Jenkins, never showed up in the building today so he decided to leave early because he didn’t have anything else to do. I detected at least some cold symptoms over the phone, but I didn’t say anything until Stu mentioned that he didn’t feel well. I hope he got home safely!

My cats’ litter box is located here in the computer room. This is not a very good place for me to be typing right now because one of them just used it. I went into the bathroom, got the Lysol, and sprayed the place down before the stench filled up the room! Just thought you’d like to know exactly what is going on in my house as I am writing this segment.

Also, on ICQ last night, Stu asked when he could visit me in Tallahassee. Last weekend, when he was talking to a friend, he was advised to make a trip to see me here if he wanted to save his chances with me. What a sweet gesture – and some good advice, if I may put my two cents in. I would always welcome him here and my friends are dying to meet him. I was just thinking that maybe it would be easier for me to go and visit him in Gainesville, though. Just a thought – I will have to think it over some more. After the events that have taken place in the last week I am very happy to see that he is reaching out to me (as well as me reaching out to him). There isn’t much to do in Tallyland, but if I knew he was coming on a certain weekend I could plan a great party with my friends. We need another trip to Wakulla Springs, or something like that. If anyone is reading this who knows what I am talking about, email me and we will discuss it.

When I sat down to type a little while ago I didn’t think I would have this much to say! In fact, when I emailed Stu earlier I told him that I wouldn’t be posting anything from today at all. I guess I need to write him again and change that statement. I have some plans for tomorrow night with Jennifer and Meghan, plus I will probably go shopping with Kathe on Saturday. Maybe I can finally get my ears pierced then. We’ll see (my mom says this is my favorite phrase). More news tomorrow.