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March 7, 2000

It is 10 AM on the Tuesday morning of my spring break and I am sitting in front of the computer. Doesnít that sound like something a college student with a break from school should be doing? Well, if that student is studying engineering and she has several assignments due as soon as she gets back to school she is doing exactly what she should. Actually I only have one assignment that involves using my brotherís brand new computer (I love it), but I figured I should write about the happenings of the past few days for all of my loyal readers. After I am done with that I will get started on the aerodynamics assignment that requires computer time (a wing simulation).

I took my car to the Gainesville Dodge dealer at 7:45 AM on Friday morning and I was lucky that they fixed the problem that day. Apparently I needed a new power steering switch. The repair only cost around one hundred dollars so I am guessing they didnít pull the wool over my eyes. They probably could have talked me into much more expensive maintenance! Stuart took me to pick up the car around 6 PM and I was very happy to be bale to go home for spring break as planned. My numerical analysis exam, also on Friday, was OK but I only answered about seventy percent of the test correctly (at least thatís my estimate) so my grade wonít be that great. At least it is over and I donít have another exam in that class until finals week. I stayed at Stuís apartment Friday night because I wanted to spend some time with him. It was nice to be able to watch a movie and go to sleep without thinking, ďWhat homework do I have due tomorrow?Ē You learn to appreciate these little things when they donít show up too often.

Since I got my car back on Friday and got home on Saturday I was able to go on a short trip to Panama City with Danny, Meghan, and Kathe from Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon. The place was packed with college students on Spring Break. Some friendís of Dannyís from the Merchant Marine Academy were also staying in PC for a few days and we met up with them a couple of times while we were there. The weather was too cold to go to the beach, in my opinion, but people from farther north didnít feel the same way. I didnít even put on a pair of shorts while we were there let alone get into the sixty-five degree Gulf of Mexico surf! I guess there isnít much else to say about our trip.

Things move slowly at my house when no one is here during the day. My cats are asleep now so they arenít providing entertainment at this moment. I guess Iíll have to find something else to pay attention to.